Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Midnight Horror Review - The Unwilling (2016)

A while ago, I bought a few horror DVDs at Dollar Tree, which included The Unwilling (Not Rated; 81 minutes). I knew nothing about the film when I stumbled upon it. I only picked it up because it has a creepy cover and tagline, “What is Your Dying Wish?”

Directed by Jonathan Heap, the film centers on the Harris family reuniting for the will reading of their late patriarch father (played by Lance Henrikesn). David (played by David Upper), who suffers from OCD, is hosting the event at his isolated house. Rounding out the family is his sister, Michelle (played by Dina Meyer), her ex-husband, Rich (played by Robert Rusler), and two other relatives, Kelly and Daren (played by Austin Highsmith and Jake Thomas). And for some reason, Rich thought it would be a good idea to bring along his girlfriend, Cheryl (played by Bree Williamson).

To sum things up, Father Harris leaves behind a mysterious box that seduces each family member with their deepest desires, and then it unleashes hell upon them.

Final Thoughts

I might've seen the ending of The Unwilling on Syfy at some point or another, as I had a déjà vu feeling towards the ending. It begins with a creepy opening with Lance Henriksen (Father Harris) and Levy Tran, who plays a nurse. The first twenty-five minutes are intriguing, with the Harris family getting together for the will reading, and then the script slowly goes to hell. There's a decent cast here, and they try their best to develop their one-dimensional characters. Speaking of characters, David (played by David Upper) is the only interesting one of the bunch.

Overall, The Unwilling is a bland paranormal tale that's held back by a cliched script and cheap special effects.

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