Thursday, June 18, 2020

Give a Pet Portrait for Father's Day!

Is it just me or is June flying by way too fast?

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 21st. With all the chaos in the world this year, many of us have probably forgotten about the holiday that celebrates our fathers, grandfathers, uncles, etc. If you’re like me, then you have a tough time trying to come up with the perfect Father’s Day gift. Yes, sending a Hallmark card with a gift card is an easy (and cheap) way to go, but it’s even better to give a more creative gift.

Most fathers have owned one or many pets during their lifetime. Whether you admit to it, a pet becomes a beloved member of your family. There’s no better way to honor your father’s pet (past or present) than having a custom hand-drawn pet portrait made for him.

On the website Vector Pets, you can get a PNG format detailed illustration of a pet photograph made and delivered within 72 hours for only $10. If you don’t want a realistic illustration, then you can pick the “cartoon” option. For faster service, you can have it made within 24 hours for an extra $5. If you want an item (collar, food dish, toy, etc) removed, add on an additional $5. If there’s more than one pet in the picture, it’ll cost an extra $10 for each additional pet (limit 6). For $5, you can have the illustrations revised two times. Last, there’s a $5 charge if you prefer the illustrations saved in a different format (SVG, AI, EPS & JPG). Vector Pets accepts credit cards and Paypal as payment.

While I haven’t tried Vector Pets myself, yet, I think a Pet Portrait would make a wonderful gift for any dog or cat lover. (FYI: I’m a cat lover!) I have noticed at checkout you must pick a pet type, so if you have a horse, bird, lizard, hedgehog, pig, etc., then you’re in luck! Also, please include any specific details the naked eye cannot see in a photo, such as eye color.

Once you have received the pet illustration in your inbox, you can do whatever your heart desires with it. You have it printed onto a canvas, mug, t-shirt, or print it on photo paper and insert it into a beautiful frame. (FYI: If you are on a budget, Dollar Tree has an extensive selection of $1 frames.)

For me, I have had my dad’s Father’s Day present bought and put in a gift bag many weeks ago. It’s two Blu-rays, Twizzlers, bubble gum, and two packages of hummingbird nectar for his feeders. If I had known about Vector Pets before buying all that, then I might have gone in a more original route for a gift this year. Well, there’s always Christmas, which is just over six months away.

Do you think a pet illustrated portrait would make a good Father’s Day Gift? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section, as I would love to know everyone’s opinion.