Monday, April 13, 2020

How To Get Boys Interested in Reading

Boys tend to engage in physical activity more than sedentary activities like reading. Even though boys don't seem to enjoy reading in their early years as much as girls, there are things you can do to help entice them and begin to build their interest. Aside from general ideas to integrate reading into a boy's repertoire, such as creating a daily schedule that includes reading, finding the right book is equally important. Here are three book ideas that will help to entice the boy in your life to gain an interest in reading.

1. Personalized Books

There are many options for personalized books for boys that can pique their curiosity. Grabbing a random book with characters, real or imagined, and a plot that does nothing to speak to the child directly can be a turn-off for some children. If however, that kiddo sees that book is actually about them, well, who doesn't want to read about themselves? Getting a personalized book for a boy is a great way to entice him to check it out and see how the story unfolds. Hopefully, he will be more willing to pick up a new book afterward.

2. Choose Your Adventure Books

Boys love a good adventure. One of the reasons gaming is so popular with boys is because there is a sense of control, adventure, and winning that comes along with navigating an imaginary world and getting into character. In choose your adventure books, there come multiple points where the reader has a set of choices to make, each resulting in a different unfolding of the plot. For boys, this aspect of choice and interactive adventure can really increase their interest level in a book.

3. Graphic Novels

Graphic novels are like comic books on steroids. They have pictures throughout the whole book. In fact, the graphics are a big part of the book. However, graphic novels tend to be much longer in duration than comics and there are many from which to choose, which can open up a whole world of options if your boy enjoys them. Graphic novels have bridged the gap between many boys and their initial dislike of reading.

Don't worry too much if your son isn't into reading. Don't get into the trap of fighting with him to complete his reading assignments and run the risk of reading being something he dislikes forever. Instead, try some book variations that may begin to open the door for a love of reading that can last his lifetime.