Monday, June 8, 2020

Blu-ray Review - Wild Child / Life Happens

Late last night, I made a cup of decaf green tea and planned on watching a scary movie, but instead, I watched two chick flicks. And, no, I wasn't on a date. Please let me explain... I have a pile of DVDs and Blu-rays to review, and a few of these titles have been in my possession for many months, so I grabbed a random Blu-ray, which was the Mill Creek Entertainment double feature featuring Wild Child and Life Happens.

Wild Child (PG-13; 99 mins) is a 2008 teen comedy starring Emma Roberts, though it didn't get a USA release until 2009 and that was straight-to-DVD. Emma plays Poppy, a spoiled sixteen-year-old who likes to prank her friends. After one too many pranks, her father (played by Aidan Quinn) sends her to a British boarding school, Abbey Mount, led by headmistress Mrs. Kingsley (played by Natasha Richardson in her final on-screen performance).

Bonus Features include:
  • Audio Commentary
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making of Wild Child
  • Head Girl Tour
  • Lacrosse
  • School Memories
  • Trailer

Life Happens (R; 101 minutes) is a 2011 comedy starring Krysten Ritter as a single mother, Kim, who's trying her best to rejoin the dating scene without telling her potential dates that's she's a mother. Juggling a demanding job and dealing with her roommates, Deena and Laura (played by Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson), she leans that life rarely goes the way you expect it to go.

Besides from a trailer, there are no special features.

Final Thoughts

I'm not even for sure why I wanted to review this Blu-ray (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart) to begin with, as I'm obviously not the targeted audience for either film. I like Emma Roberts's performances from the horror anthology American Horror Story, so that's probably why I wanted to watch Wild Child, which is a teen flick with the same tired story about a troublemaker kid being sent to a boarding school. The acting is decent, but the jokes are silly and the script falls apart midway.

Life Happens is a slightly better movie with a good cast, but I found myself bored within the first half-hour. It's an okay date movie, but I wouldn't watch it more than once.

The movies share one disc, so the picture qualities aren't topnotch, but they're watchable. English subtitles are available for both films.

Overall, the Wild Child and Life Happens double feature Blu-ray should appeal to romantic comedy fans. Personally, I think it's odd Mill Creek Entertainment put a PG-13 teen movie with an R-rated adult comedy on the same Blu-ray.

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