Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Blu-ray Review - Ultraman Orb: The Movie

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Yeah, I spent another morning watching a Japanese superhero / Kaiju flick ‒ Ultraman Orb: The Movie – which is a spinoff film of the 2016 Ultraman Orb series. The 71-minute movie was recently released to Blu-ray by Mill Creek Entertainment. It was also released as on a Blu-ray set with Ultraman Orb series late last year.

The plot centers around the space witch Mulnau (Murunau) arriving on Earth to possesses the Dark Ring, which gives her the ability to capture Ultraman X, Ultraman Ginga, and Ultraman Victory and transform them into jewels. She makes a temporary alliance with Jugglus Juggler (played by Takaya Aoyagi) and sends her alien army to wreak havoc on Earth.

The only one who can stop her is Gai Kurenai (played by Hideo Ishiguro), who can transform into Ultraman Orb.

Final Thoughts

While the new Ultra generation has better special effects, I still appreciate the original 60's and 70's series more. Don't get me wrong, Ultraman Orb: The Movie (Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!) is entertaining, but it felt too much like the Super Sentai / Power Rangers. Plus, there's way too much goofy humor. Now the action scenes were great, especially when Ultra Seven shows up to save the day.

The picture and sound qualities are superb on the Blu-ray. There are no special features or bonus extras. It does come with a movieSpree digital code.

Overall, I did enjoy watching Ultraman Orb: The Movie. It's a short, fast-paced, and action-packed flick!

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