Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Blu-ray Review - Hudson Hawk (1991)

Does anyone remember the “huge” 1991 flop, Hudson Hawk?

I have a feeling many of you will say “No.”

I was still a nine-year-old when Hudson Hawk arrived in theatres in May 1991. Fresh off the hits Die Hard & Die Hard 2, the Bruce Willis starring action-comedy was supposed to be a big hit for TriStar Pictures, but thanks to poor reviews and disinterests from moviegoers, the film bombed at the US box office. It fared better overseas by bringing in $80 million.

I remember my parents renting the movie on VHS, but besides from that, my memory is vague on what the film was about. Mill Creek Entertainment re-released the film on Blu-ray (Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart) earlier this year with a VHS inspired throwback slipcover. I’ve had a review copy sitting on a desk collecting dust for a few months, so I thought it was time I finally got around to reviewing it.

Directed by Michael Lehmann, the movie stars Bruce Willis as Eddie “Hudson Hawk” Hawkins, a master thief who has one thing on his mind after being paroled from prison - drinking a cappuccino. Unfortunately for him, there’s never a free minute to enjoy caffeinated bliss because his partner-in-crime, Tommy “Five-Tone” Messina (played by Danny Aiello), needs his help in stealing a horse statue to pay off the mob.

The plot sounds simple, right?

Think again!

The actual plot involves a corrupted American corporation, Mayflower Industries, attempting to get their greedy hands on hidden crystals that’ll run a machine invented by Leonardo da Vinci, which is supposed to turn lead into gold.

Yeah, that’s Hudson Hawk!

Final Thoughts

Is Hudson Hawk as bad as the critics made it out to be?

Yes… and no.

The plot is dumb as it can get; the dialogue is campy, and the cappuccino machine gags are stupid. If you can get past all the nonsense, Hudson Hawk (R; 100 minutes) can entertain, especially in the scenes where Bruce Willis is being a smart-ass, which is almost the entire movie.

The picture and sound qualities on the Blu-ray are decent. There are no special features or bonus extras. The disc has an English subtitle option.

Overall, Hudson Hawk is a slightly underrated ‘90s action-comedy. Yes, it’s stupid and over the top, many thanks to Bruce Willis’s involvement with the script, but it’s ridiculously entertaining.

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