Thursday, March 5, 2020

5 Home Library Wants!

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The # 1 fear for any book lover!

Being a book lover myself, I would have to say my #1 fear is running out of space for keeping my books. And I'm referring to printed books! I don't have have a problem with eBooks as they're way too easy to store.

Last year, I went through my library (a.k.a. - bookshelves and closets), boxed up many books that I no longer wanted and donated them to a local Salvation Army. At the time, I felt pretty good as I finally gotten rid of books that no longer intrigued me and uncluttered two closets. Fast forward to the present, where I have replaced most of the books with new ones. My tastes in books have changed in the last two years, so I have started collection different genres. Well, not exactly new ones as most of them are used books. While my reading collection might seem small to some readers, for me it seems quite large due to limited storage space.

Here are five must have things for my home library.

Wood Floors

Each and every public library I have ever been in has had carpet flooring. Why I have nothing against carpets, I would prefer to have an Engineered Wood Flooring, which is supposed to hold up better against moisture than hardwood or laminated. Wood flooring just looks so much better and it would make a home library feel like the ones in the old horror flicks.

FYI: Yeah, it's probably no shock to anyone but my favorite wood flooring color is coffee antique!

Custom Bookcases

My library would have to have custom bookcases made from real wood. I have owned many cheap build-it-yourself particle board bookcases over the years and eventually the shelves either warp or break. While I'm no carpenter, I would prefer to build the bookshelves or bookcases myself., which would literary cover the entire wall space of a room, from the floor to the ceiling.

Then I want separate tall bookcases placed in rows throughout the room in similar fashion to any public library. 


I'm only 5'9" so if my library walls are tall, then I'm going to have to buy or build a few ladders. These won't be your normal ladders as each one will be a rolling ladder with wheels on the sides of the feet. The tops of the ladders will also have rollers that will fit on a track on very top of the bookcases.

A Hidden Door

Now I'm going to need some sort of hidden door in my library, where you need to pull down a specific book, which would be fake, and a bookcase will come open to reveal another room. I'm not for sure what would be in this room. Maybe a small library, an office, or even a reading lounge.

A Librarian Counter

I can't have a home library without an actual librarian counter. No, I'm not going to get an actual librarian to go with it. I just want the room to feel like an actually library. Plus, it would give me a neat area to hangout, sit back, and read a good book.

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  1. Oh I would kill for a hidden door! Well, not kill, but you get the idea. :)