Thursday, March 19, 2020

3 Tips for Choosing Your Next Book

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose the next book you want to read. Even if you are an avid fiction reader, you may have an inkling for a change. When trying to find a new book to read, it can be very difficult to get past the cover. However, in order to fully understand the book and what it is about, you have to look past the cover. If you are able to follow the tips below, you may find a new world waiting for you to pick up and explore.

Look Beyond the Cover

As mentioned, you have to look past the cover when you find a book you are interested in. While the cover may draw you to the book, if you are looking into a new genre, such as scholarly fiction, it will not tell you enough about the book itself. You must look at the back cover or inside the jacket and read the summary. If the summary seems of interest, you should consider moving onto the next tip. However, if you read the summary and are bored, confused, or it does not seem like something you would like, it is OK to put the book back and pick up a new one.

Read an Excerpt

If you have found a book you might like to read, prior to purchasing it, you can always flip it open and read a page or two. If you find yourself getting sucked in already, then that might be a very enjoyable book for you. If you find yourself bored, you should flip to a new section and read a little more. Especially if you are not used to how that author writes, you want to give yourself and the book an opportunity to have a connection.

Look at Online Reviews

Finally, if you feel so lost that you cannot even choose a book, to begin with, you may want to look at online reviews. A popular genre to start with is young adult novels. These can be easy to read and are popular with the younger crowd so they will get many reviews. However, if you are interested in more historical, dramatic, romantic, or detective novels, you can find reviews for all of those online as well.

If you are looking to explore a new book, it is important not to judge it by its cover. Take a minute to get to know the book and the author before you make your decision.