Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Post - Congo, Doctor Who, and Spider Bites

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Good Evening, Everyone!

Once again, I'm posting my Sunday Post a little later than what I originally planned. Early yesterday morning, I woke up with a sore behind an ear and a bigger sore on my left check, which I'm guessing they're spider bites. I went along with my morning, went to the thrift store (more on that later in this post), and that's when I started to feel a bit queasy. I went back home and later felt a little bit better. I had errands to run so I got back out but I still felt a little sick. Today, I attempted to get a few things done but I was too weak to do anything. I took some aspirin and slept most of the day. Now, I almost feel like my normal self again.

While I was setting up this post, I had the newest episode of Doctor Who playing in the background. I haven't cared much for the previous two seasons so I wasn't paying much attention to the episode until John Barrowman (a.k.a. - Captain Jack Harkness). I had to wait until the episode ended before writing my Sunday Post.

What Am I Currently Reading?

I had to work on a few blog "breadcrumb" issues during week so I had no free time for reading. I only started reading Highfire on Friday and I'm planning on finishing it later tonight. I want to publish my review for it sometime tomorrow. Then I'm going to read Perfect Little Children by Sophie Hannah. For some reason, I was under the assumption the book was being released this week but I've seen several websites that says it was released on Jan. 21st. Anyway, I want to read it tomorrow and post my review on Tuesday.

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Thrift Store Finds

Like I've already mentioned, I went to the thrift store yesterday. I spent a $1.25 on five paperbacks and three hardbacks. The paperbacks are Dragonfly in the Amber by Diana Gabaldon, Neruromancer by William Gibson, The Number of the Beast by Robert B. Heinlein, Congo by Michael Crichton, and Mortal Fear by Robin Cook. The hardbacks are Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates, Vital Signs by Robin Cook, and Terminal by Robin Cook.

Dragonfly in the Amber is the second book in the "Outlander" series, which I already have it on paperback. However, this paperback has a different cover and for only 10 cents, I decided to get it. I have yet to read the "Outlander" novels, though I did start the first book several years ago. With the new season of the Starz series starting next month, I might make another attempt at reading it.

I've never read a single Robin Cook novel in my life but I believe I own two or three other titles by him. I purchased Vital Signs, Terminal, and Mortal Fear strictly based on their covers.

I'm getting more into science fiction so I picked up The Number of the Beast and Neuromancer with the intention of actually reading them.

I've only ever read one book by Joyce Carol Oates and it was titled Zombie, a disgusting book that I read when I was a teenager. I've heard good things about the author but that book was sick. I've picked up Freaky Green Eyes based on it's cover and not the author's name. It looks like a young adult story so hopefully it'll be nothing like Zombie.

For some reason, I thought I had a copy of Congo by Michael Crichton as I've been wanting to read it but I've looked through my collection and I don't seem to own it. I was glad to find a copy yesterday for 10 cents. When I was a teenager, I saw the film adaptation in theatres only because the actor Bruce Campbell was in it. Well, to my disappointed he was only in the film for a cameo. Shortly later, I read the book from a library, which was so much better than the movie.

Dollar Tree Finds

I've been to Dollar Tree twice in the last four days. On Thursday, I picked for four books — Going Home and Downriver by Richard Wheeler, Not To Be Missed: Fifty-four Favorites From Lifetime Of Film by Kenneth Turan, Prince of Outcasts by S.M. Stirling, and Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes.

Despite not feeling well on Saturday, I had errands to run, which included stopping by Dollar Tree for my grandmother to get a birthday card for her to give to my mother, who's turning 60 in just a few days. Anyway, the store's special for the week are DVDs and Blu-rays. I picked up the Blu-rays — Resident, The Gallows, The Judge, The Thompsons, Focus, and Spies of Warsaw. Also, I got Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency: Season One on DVD.

What's New on the Bookshelf?

In the last two weeks, I have received eBook review copies for the Bitchcraft anthology and The Waking of Ghosts by Lilliana Rose, which are for upcoming Silver Dagger book tours. From NetGalley, I received the following ARCs — Before She Was Helen by Caroline B. Cooney, The Beetle by Richard Marsh, and After She Wrote Him by Sulari Gentill.


  1. Spider bites!? Yikes given how many deadly species we have here I would not be relaxed about it.
    I’m jealous of your thrift store bargains..our local stores sell paperbacks for $2 each, hardbacks for $4, cheaper than new admittedly but still..

    Wishing you a great reading week

    1. $2 each! That's a bit high for a thrift store; it's more like eBay prices! The local library sells hardbacks for $2, large paperbacks for $1 and regular paperbacks for $.50.

  2. Oh no- sorry to hear about the bites! Yikes, hope you're feeling better. Congo sounds like a fun read- I saw the movie too and yeah it wasn't that great, but the story is kind of intriguing.

    Nice Blu-ray/ DVD haul... :)

    1. Michael Crichton books are always fun reads! While I don't care for Hollywood remakes, Congo does need to be remade.

      Yeah, I was surprised the Dollar Tree store in my town actually got any good titles for once.


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