Monday, January 20, 2020

Monday Morning Madness - A Blog Redesign, Exercising, and Cell Phones

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Everyone needs to forgive me for taking 20 days to post my first Monday Morning Madness of the year. It's already been a busy year for me so far, which has included snow/ice storms, the flu bug, a blog redesign (more on that later in this post), unwanted weight gain, a broken dryer. On the plus side, the KC Chiefs won the AFC Championship yesterday!

I Need a New Cell Phone

I hate being interrupted when I'm writing. I just received three calls with three different Missouri numbers, which I'm going to take a guess all of them are spam. If you're not in my address book (a.k.a. - a contact list), then I'm not going to answer your call. I have a hand-me down Samsung Galaxy phone with a TracFone service,which basically means I get a lot of wrong numbers and spammers. I need to get a new phone (or a new service) sometime this year as I keep getting messages from TracFone that says my cell model will no longer get a signal soon. I'll either have to buy a cheap TracFone or sign up for a different cell phone service. I don't really want to deal with all the hassle that goes with getting a new phone, especially finding a decent case. It took me forever to find a case for my current phone as no store in my area had the right model size, well, unless I wanted a pink case. I accidentally stumbled upon an Otterbox case on clearance for $9 at a Walmart. I highly doubt I'll have that kind of luck again.

While I haven't taken the time to look at what new TracFone models are available, I have looked at cell phone cases on Supcase Mobile Accessories, which is a webstore that sells protective phone cases for iPhones, iPads, Samsung, other smartphone brands, and tablets. I currently own one their Unicorn Beetle cases which I've used for my Amazon Fire for several years. It's a heavy-duty case that's has kept my tablet safe and sound!

I Need to Exercise More

I was going to start 2020 off right by getting up early to exercise. And I did... for one day! 2019 was not a good year for me and I gained quite a bit of unwanted weight. Somehow I need to get my head into the game, drag myself out of bed a little bit earlier, and exercise for at least 30 minutes or longer every day!

I Had to Redesign My Blog

As you might have noticed by now, this blog got a new redesign — again! It wasn't something I wanted to do but due to mobile issues and the new CCPA, and the COPPA laws, I had to make several new changes.

Personally, I like the new design.

However, I still have to fix several issues with past posts, which is going to take me a while to finish.

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