Friday, January 31, 2020

Blu-ray Review - Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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Like most '90s kids, I was first introduced to the View Askewniverse with Clerks and Mallrats during my teenage years, which featured the pot-smoking New Jersey duo, Jay and Silent Bob (played by Jay Mewes and Kevin Smith). Yes, the films are silly and raunchy but they're a lot of fun to watch.

The newest entry, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was released to select theatres last October as part of a traveling roadshow. It was released to DVD, Blu-ray, and Digital earlier this month from Saban Films and Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

Written and directed by Kevin Smith, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is pretty much a reboot of 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which had the characters traveling to Hollywood to stop a feature film adaptation of the comic book Bluntman and Chronic. The "Reboot" has Jay and Silent Bob (played by once again by Mewes and Smith) traveling to Hollywood again to stop the reboot of Bluntman and Chronic. Along for the ride is Jay's newly discovered daughter, Millennium "Milly" Faulken (played by Harley Quinn Smith), who's just as foul-mouthed as Jay.

Blu-ray Special Features are:
  • Cast Interviews
  • Kevin & Jay Interview Cast & Crew
  • Bloopers
  • Hair Reel

Final Thoughts

 I wasn't feeling my best when I received the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Blu-ray earlier this week. Not being able to sleep, I placed the disc into the Blu-ray player late that very night and laughed myself back to health.

A lot of fans are using the word "nostalgia" with their reviews for this film, and, that's exactly how I would describe it. I lost count on how many times characters broke the fourth wall and referenced Keven Smith's other films, and I'm not just talking about the View Askewniverse as Jersey Girl and Cop Out are mentioned. Jay's daughter in the film (who's played by Kevin's daughter, Harley Quinn) says she hates Kevin Smith because he makes his daughter play in his movies. Besides playing Silent Bob, Kevin Smith also plays himself. If you have never seen any of his films, then you won't understand the humor.

There are many cameos throughout the film, including Jason Lee, Shannon Elizabeth, Rosario Dawson, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Hemsworth, and many others.

The picture and sound qualities are were excellent on the Blu-ray. It comes with a Digital code that can be streamed on VUDU and a few other places but not on Movies Anywhere. The special features are not included in the Digital.

Overall, I had a blast watching Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Sure, it's a little bit of a step down from the previous entries but I liked the zany humor. 

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