Tuesday, 29 October 2019

13 Reads of Horror! - The Bad Place by Dean R. Koontz

I have a bad habit of buying Dean Koontz thrillers each and every time I stumble across one at a thrift store, which has resulted in me accumulating many duplicates. Strangely, I have only read two or three Koontz novels over the years. That's why I wanted to read The Bad Place as one of the 13 Reads of Horror! because at least I'll have had read at least one book from my Koontz collection in 2019.

Originally published in 1990, The Bad Place centers around Frank Pollard, a man who's deeply afraid of falling asleep because if he does, he will wake up the next morning somewhere else with no clue of how he got there. And, there's a twist - he always finds something weird, such as blood on his hands. Could it get any weirder?

To solve his nighttime activities, Frank hires Bobby and Julie Dakota, a husband and wife security duo, to follow him around at night to unravel the mystery. Sounds simple enough. Right?

Final Thoughts

I really do need take the time out and read more Dean Koontz novels as the guy as insane plots... and I do mean insane!!!

The Bad Place has multiple twists involving a serial killer, twin sisters, and incest. Let's just say the way Frank was conceived is the sickest thing imaginable.

I was extremely tired tonight and the last thing I wanted to to was read but I did it anyone and ended up staying up late just to read The Bad Place in one sitting. I don't know if Dean Koontz's writing style has changed over the years but he's killing it in this book with detailed descriptions and interesting (and wacky) characters.

Overall, The Bad Place is a surprisingly good thriller with many twists and turns that I didn't see coming!

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