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Thinking of “To be or not to be?”

Are you perplexed about adorning a nice time piece on your wrist? You think people will judge you for being old school, old fashioned and out dated. Or perhaps the technology advancement has eradicated the need to wear a wrist watch just because you own a smart phone.

But isn’t it impolite to keep checking out your phone while in a conversation with someone, or at a party where all of your focus should be among the folks present or even at a meeting where there are high professionals present and you need to know what time is it, now would it not be unprofessional as well as indecorous to take out your phone just to check the time and get noticed. Yes you heard us right, all we mean to say is- not always everything thing can be suitably used everywhere. Classics will always remain classics.

Their elegance and opulence will continue to admire and impress people simultaneously. So here in this article we bring some radical and imperative reasons to convince you to start wearing a timepiece again. Have a look!




Unlike women, men have a very few and almost inconsiderable choices when it comes to accessorizing oneself. Women on the other hand, can mix and match a plethora of ornaments to come out triumphant in creating a catchy look. Whereas, men miserably fail to do so due to the lack of choices.

One of the scanty numbers of ornaments men can accessorize themselves with is wearing a wrist watch. Be it a sports watch or a formal timepiece like Cartier tank, it is advisable to put it on to bring some classiness and drama to your persona. A watch is a timeless and functional accessory that can make or break a man’s personality big time.


Whether you work in the corporate world where you are required to dress up formally or your job gives the leverage to dress down a little, you will need to tell the time anyway. Just like we stated earlier, having a watch on your wrist is far a subtle way to check the time rather than pulling out your phone in a gathering of numerous highly qualified professionals.


As the technology has advanced time pieces have evolved equally. Now the wrist watches are not only restricted to telling time but have several other mind boggling functionalities. Apart from telling the time, it can tell date, temperature, distance covered and several other entities. A wrist watch may come in handy in a difficult situation like stuck in the middle of the sea while fishing, or to inquire about the temperature for the next few hours or days when you may not have access to internet or television.


A watch can be just more than a time telling machine. It can posses severe emotional value and sentiment to you that you would not like to separate from it. It may be considered as a lucky charm by many and they would always hold it close to bring in some good luck when venturing on to something new.

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