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Blu-ray Review: Malibu Express

Mill Creek Entertainment; Amazon
Now available on Blu-ray from Mill Creek Entertainment is the 1985 action sleazefest Malibu Express ($19.98; R; 105 minutes), which is the first film in the "Bullets, Bombs and Babes" series from the late director Andy Sidaris. A Digital code is included with the Blu-ray that can be redeemed and streamed on Mill Creek Entertainment's website.

The low-budget film stars Darby Hinton as Cody Abilene, a wealthy Texan who lives on his "Malibu Express" yacht. When women aren't instantly dropping their clothes for him, he spends the rest of time playing private eye in Florida.

After being hired by a secret government intelligence operative to investigate who is selling USA computer technology to Russia, Coby gets intertwined into a murder mystery plot, which leads him to team up with a female cop (played by Lori Sutton). To unravel how the two cases are connected, Coby must deal with hitmen, rednecks, and many beautiful women.

Bonus Features on the Blu-ray include:
  • Introduction by Director Andy Sidaris
  • Audio Commentary
  • Behind the Scene Featurette
  • Trailers

Final Thoughts

The first time I saw Malibu Express was during the mid 1990s (a.k.a. my teenage years) on either Showtime or Cinemax late-at-night! Yes, the plot is confusing, the dialogue is dumb, and the acting is horrible, but there are car chases and plenty of nudity from Playboy Playmates, which is just enough to keep the attention of most teenage males! Despite the R rating, this film, as well as the other Andy Sidaris movies, were made for a male teenage audience.

Don't expect Citizen Kane, as you're not going to be getting it. Malibu Express has a stupid plot that makes absolutely no sense! Anytime the movie gets boring, a Playboy Playmate shows off her boobs! The Coby character is more or less a ripoff of Magnum P.I., who's sporting a mustache and driving a red Delorean (instead of a Ferrari). The character isn't exactly smart, but for some reason or another, he can easily get women to sleep with him without saying one word.

The picture and sound quality for the Blu-ray is pretty decent, though the film hasn't been remastered and there are a few grainy scenes, which probably has less to do with the 4K transfer and more to do with the quality of the original film.

Malibu Express isn't for everyone! The casual movie viewer will probably not like it. If you're a male who saw the film late-at-night on premium cable, then you might be interested in owning the film on Blu-ray.

Personally, I have nostalgic feelings about Malibu Express, so I had a bit of fun watching the film on Blu-ray.
*Note: I received a review copy from Mill Creek Entertainment.
All opinions are my own.

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