Monday, March 11, 2019

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Good Morning, Everyone! 

Don't you hate it when the doorbell rings when you're in the bathroom! That's exactly what happened to me this morning. I was in the middle of buzzing my head before I was going to take a shower when suddenly I heard the doorbell ring. I wasn't about to go to the door with half shaved head, so I just continued buzzing. Afterward, I found a package door tag slip on the front door from FedEx, which marks the first time in history FedEx has showed up at my house before noon! I was supposed to sign for a package tomorrow, but for some reason FedEx decided to deliver it a day early. No biggie, FedEx will redeliver the package tomorrow.

My reading and blogging plans last week didn't occur. I spent my last Monday afternoon putting canvas pictures on the walls of my grandma's room at the nursing home. Plus, I brought over more of her belongings. Grandma wasn't  feeling well when I visited on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, instead of using her call button, she attempted to transfer herself from her wheelchair to the toilet and fell. The good news is she didn't break anything. There's alarm on her wheelchair, so the nurses were in her room quickly. Later in the day, she was sent to the emergency room as one of the aids noticed she wasn't acting right. It turns out that grandma's white cell count was high due to an infection. She's spent the weekend in the hospital and is supposed to be released back to the nursing home sometime today.

What Am I Currently Reading?

Sometime this week I'll be reading A Justified Murder by Jude Deveraux. It's the second novel in the Meldar Mystery series.


Last Week's Reviews

In the Mail

Last week, I received two ARCs in the mail: The Memory House by Rachel Hauck and Rise of the Servant Kings by Ken Harrison.

New on My Bookshelf

I stopped by the local thrift store last week and found The Scions of Shannara and The Elf Queen of Shannara, which are books one and three of The Heritage of Shannara series by Terry Brooks. I doubled checked the book section, but I couldn't find book two in the series.

Also, I picked up the horror novel Resurrection Pass by Kurt Anderson at a Dollar Tree store.


  1. I do hope your grandmother will be okay and get over this infection. Never easy as grandparents age. Enjoy your Jude Deveraux mystery.

    1. Thanks!

      My grandma has really had it rough lately. She broke her right hip in early December and rebroke the same hip in January. She had a light seizure on Feb. 24th and a few days later she had the pneumonia.

  2. I was thinking to buy Rise of the servant kings in this sunday but share you reviews also in next article because i'm only in two week as an security so I don't have time to read books in free time i always tried to read something mystical books

  3. A Justified Murder looks good! Yep, no one comes to the door unless I am naked or such!

  4. its the same with me. i just cant make myself get up in the morning. i blame it on my lack of motivation


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