Monday, February 4, 2019

Audiobook Review - Self-Discipline by George Pain

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We could all use a bit more self-discipline in our lives.

Last year was extremely stressful for me for many reasons, and my procrastination issues didn't help any; which resulted in many late reviews and posts on this very blog.

Over the weekend, I spent an hour listening to the Self-Discipline ($3.95) by George Pain, which is basically a self-help audiobook narrated by Giles Miller.

In this 60-minute audiobook, where you will learn about the following:
  • Cognitive Principles of Behavior
  • What is a Habit Loop?
  • Replacing Habits in a Habit Loop
  • The power of delayed gratification.
  • Understanding the Psychology of Procrastination
  • Utilizing Habit Pyramids with Examples
  • Areas to Apply Self Discipline

Self-Discipline can be purchased at:

Final Thoughts

Just by looking at the art cover for this audiobook, one might believe it was about "kung fu" or "martial arts," but that isn't the case. It's just a self-discipline self-help audiobook that's meant to help you to replace bad habits with good ones.

The audiobook book begins with a short introduction, followed by 9 chapters, and ends with a conclusion. The author wastes no time explaining that our inner demons have prevented us from achieving success. The only way to get full control of your life is to break the bad habits that have been holding us back. To break bad habits, you need to have good manners. You need to be purpose driven, be more productive, and use proper time management.

One of the many things I need to improve on in my life is my self-discipline, which was why I was interested in reviewing this audiobook. The author wastes no time laying down the facts about why we are self-sabotaging ourselves with bad habit loops, and gives simple advice on how to replace the those habits with good ones.

Overall, Self-Discipline is a well-written audiobook that is short and to the point.

*Note - I received a review copy from the publisher.
All opinions are my own.

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