Monday, December 17, 2018

Sunday Post / It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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Good Morning, Everyone! 

Since I had forgotten to publish yesterday's Sunday Post, I decided to merge it with today's It's Monday! What Are You Reading?.


What am I currently reading?

I didn't have a whole lot of time to read last week due to many life issues, which included my depression, my grandmother's recovery from hip surgery, and getting ready for Christmas. However, I have no idea why I even bother with the latter anymore. If my grandmother is still in the hospital on the 25th, then nobody is getting together for Christmas dinner, which normally only included myself, my uncle, my grandmother, and my parents. 

The only book on my reading agenda this week is Mind Games by Nancy Mehl, which I haven't started reading yet. I have several other books that have been read, but I haven't gotten around to writing the reviews for them. I'm planning on writing and posting those reviews sometime this week. 

Last Week's Reviews

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In The Mail

I didn't receive any new books in the mail last week, but I did get two 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays - A Beautiful Planet and Journey To The South Pacific, which are IMAX documentaries. My review for Beautiful Planet was posted on Saturday. I'll be working on my review for Journey To The South Pacific later today, so keep an eye out for my review.  

New To My Bookshelf

I stopped by the local Salvation Army Thrift Store to see if there were any new used books. Unfortunately, the books were really picked through. I did end up buying a 25 cents Nancy Drew 2-in-1 book, featuring The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase, which were the very first two Nancy Drew titles every published. Of course this is a newer edition that was printed in 2002. There is a "to" and "from" message written in ink inside the book, where an aunt and uncle had given the book to their niece on May 7, 2004. I'm guessing the book was a birthday or graduation present. I wonder why the niece got rid of the book. 


  1. I hope your grandmother is able to leave the hospital so that you can celebrate. Your book for the week looks good. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  2. I am interested as I see many reading Mind Games. It sounds fascinating, so I look forward to your thoughts. I have about 100 of the Nancy Drew books including that one. Some are old original editions and some are newer. I read them. My daughter has read them. We go back and read a few sometimes. Have a good week. Anne - Books of My Heart

  3. I always wonder about the stories behind signed books being donated or sold. Have a good week. My weekly updates.

    1. I always wonder why people give away books that were given to them as gifts.


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