Thursday, December 13, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: 365-Day Devotional Journals

Trying to come up with the perfect idea for a Christmas present isn't the easiest task in the world, especially if that particular family member or friend already has just about anything imaginable.

Today, I am recommending three 365-Day Devotional Journals from Ellie Claire. A devotional journal includes a daily Bible verse or quote from a famous person and a few paragraphs inspired by the verse or quote on each daily page. Additionally, there are blank lines which you can write down your thoughts or prayers.

The three journals are:

Peace Begins with Me
 (Retail: $18.99)

Barnes & Noble; Amazon

The Earth Is the Lord's, and Everything In It
 (Retail: $16.99)

Barnes & Noble; Amazon

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
(Retail: $16.99)

Barnes & Noble; Amazon

Final Thoughts

Originally, I mean to have this review posted on on the 10th, but due to a family emergency that occurred exactly one ago, I've gotten a little behind in my posting. I apologize for my lateness.

All three devotional journals have a flexible plastic vinyl cover, pages made from high quality non-bleed paper, a foil ribbon bookmark, and a closure band. 

Peace Begins with Me features Bible verses and devotionals that are inspired by those verses. The bottom half of each and every page features a lightly ruled space to which you can jot down your thoughts.

The Earth Is the Lord's and Everything In It has a beautiful cover featuring peacocks. There are illustrations of  flowers and peacocks in the corners of each page. Each day begins with a Bible verse, followed by the devotional that is inspired by that day's verse. Then there's an area of ruled lines for journaling.

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus is a little different than the other two. Instead of a Bible verse, it features a daily quote by an author and the devotional is inspired by that quote. Then there are several rule lines for writing.

Overall, these three 365-Day Devotional Journals are simply gorgeous. They would make a great gift for just about anyone this holiday season.

*Note - I received free copies of these journals.
All opinions are my own.


  1. Thank you for these recommendations. Exactly what I needed!

  2. Oh, Billy, what a WONDERFUL gift idea!!! I wish SOMEBODY would give me such a gift.... Alas, I don't have anyone in my immediate vicinity who would EVER consider giving me a book -- or a journal of any type -- as a present. So....I'm bookmarking this page, in order to remind myself to give these journals to myself! Lol. That might sound selfish, except that I don't know anyone in my immediate vicinity who would appreciate receiving such lovely -- and spiritual -- gifts, either.

    Thanks for this lovely post and review!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! <3 :)


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