Monday, 15 October 2018

Monday Morning Madness: October 15, 2018

Once again, I'm a little late with my Monday Morning Madness post! I meant to have this written early this morning, but I was tinkering with this blog's coding and lost track of time. Yes, I said coding, which is something I know very little about. My blog designer is AWOL; actually I believe she might have been finishing college. Anyway, I've had to learn how to create icons, post headers, and other graphics. And now I'm trying to learn coding.

IntenseDebate Is Staying For the Time Being

It has come to my attention that a few reader can't comment with the IntenseDebate comment system. I apologize for the inconvenience, but the IntenseDebate is staying on this blog for now. I get way too much spam through the Blogger's comment system, which is one of reasons why I switched. I'm well aware the IntenseDebate is missing the Wordpress, IntenseDebate, and Twitter login butson. I'll try to get this fixed, if it's even possible. The old Blogger comments have been restored to all the old posts and you still comment on them using the old comment system.

Don't worry this isn't going to be a permanent thing! I do have plans for the blog. 

Book Blogger Hop's Future

Don't worry! I'm not getting rid of the meme. I have a few new ideas and rules to improve the Book Blogger Hop. My ideas are in the early stages right now, so there won't be any official changes until 2019.

Sponsored Posts

I would like all my readers to know that sometimes I do write or post a pre-written sponsored article on this blog. Why am I doing this? Well, for one thing I need the extra cash to keep this blog afloat and pay for the domain. Actually, I'll probably being doing some more of those posts and a little bit of freelance writing in the next few months, as I need to save up some money to buy a blog designing program. I'm wanting to redesign this blog and I'm wanting to do it myself this time. While I do love this blog's look, there are some coding issues and a few other things that bother me. Recently, I designed a new header for my Twitter account, you find it here, and I think it's pretty decent. So, I'm now wanting to redesign my entire blog myself. Like the Book Blogger Hop changes, the new blog design will take place sometime next year.