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Big Hero 6: The Series - Back In Action! DVD Review

Disney; TV-Y7; 175 minutes; Amazon

I don't keep up with all the new animated series, so I had no clue that Big Hero 6: The Series even existed until I heard about the recent DVD release "Back In Action!".

Big Hero 6 was a 2014 Walt Disney computer-animated feature film which was based on the Marvel Comics superhero team. The movie centered around fourteen-year-old Hiro Hamada, who puts together a superhero team to stop a villain who stole his microbots. The team includes Fred, Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon, and Baymax, an an inflatable medical robot that was created by Hiro's deceased brother, Tadashi.

The series debuted on the Disney Channel last November with a 43-minute episode Baymax Returns, which takes place directly after the events of film. The entire voice-cast returned, except for Damon Wayans Jr. (Wasabi) and T.J. Miller (Fred). Their voices were placed by Khary Payton (Washabi) and Brooks Wheelan (Fred).

The series recons the ending of the film with the major differences are Fred naming the team "Big Hero 6" instead of Hiro, the teams identities are a secret from the public, and Aunt Cass now knows about Baymax.

Big Hero 6: The Series - Back In Action DVD features the 43-minute pilot and six 22-minute episodes. As an added bonus, the DVD contains six bonus shorts: Baymax and Hiro, Baymax and Wasabi, Baymax and Go Go, Baymax and Fred, Baymax and Honey Lemon, & Baymax and Mochi.

The seven episodes on the DVD are:

  • Baymax Returns - Hiro rebuilds Baymax just in time to join Wasabi, Go Go, Fred, and Honey Lemon as Big Hero 6, a team of superheros who fight crime throughout the city.
  • Issue 188 - Two female villains calling themselves "High Voltage" terrorizes the city and it's up to Big Hero 6 to stop them.
  • Big Roommates 2 - The team faces off with their first super villain - Globby!
  • Food Fight - Krei seeks the help of Big Hero 6 in the retrieval of a gravity device that was stolen by Ninja-chef Momakase.
  • Muirahara Woods - Hiro, Fred, and Baymax get lost in the woods and encounter a hermit named Ned Ludd.
  • Failure Mode - The team tries to stop Globby from stealing the "City Rises" painting.
  • Fred's Bro-Tillion - The Big Hero 6 team helps Fred prepare for his upcoming Bro-Tillion.

Final Thoughts

If you're a fan of the feature film, then you're most likely going to like the animated series. Besides from two voice changes, the rest of the original voice-cast is back for the series. The animation style has changed quite a bit, switching from 3D computer animation to 2D hand-drawn animation. The "teamwork" theme from the movie is still there, as well as the family-friendly humor.

Overall, I enjoyed watching all seven episodes on the Big Hero 6: The Series - Back In Action! DVD. It's a cute animated series with likeable characters, great plots, and fun action scenes.

*I received a complimentary review copy from Walt Disney Home Entertainment. All opinions are my own.

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