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Interview with John Feldman, author of Out Of Hiding

Charles Dampor was supposed to be a blessing, but instead turned out to be a curse. A family torn by deception and greed now saw Emily for what she was, and a co-worker with a vicious past of his own now has his own personal vendetta against her. If Emily doesn't open her eyes and see the doors she's unlocked, she'll find herself at the bottom of Lake Bermin...with Charles's ex-wife.

When did you become interested in storytelling?

When I was 20, my late and great friend Greg put the idea into my head. The idea was alcohol-induced, as we decided that our lives were so entertaining that we’d be doing the world a disservice if they didn’t get to read a story of our lives. And from that day forward, putting words to paper became my passion.

What was your first book/story published?

It was a short story, titled Danboro—a story about a reporter who chased a story about a haunted house and the one man who managed to escape it. And when he tracks down the man, he unknowingly brings the bad spirit with him.

The story was a finalist in a short story competition and was published in an anthology with the other top stories.

What inspired you to write Out of Hiding?

The story actually came by simply starting with some characters and branching out. I was having some serious writer’s block and I asked my wife to give me some ideas of characters. She gave me some, and then I created a story around them, but I never felt like the story was ready until I added Herb into the picture.

What is your favorite part in Out of Hiding?

The beginning, for sure. I’m an avid reader and I fall head over heels for a book that captures my attention right away. So I try to write the same way, and I’m happy with how this beginning turned out.

What was the hardest part to write?

The beginning and end of every chapter. This goes along with the favorite chapter for me—I love a book where the chapter ends and I just cannot shut the book. So, once again, I try to mimic my writing style to match my reader expectations.

What would your ideal career be, if you couldn’t be an author?

I’m a typical guy—sports, sports, sports. Growing up, all I ever wanted to be was a professional ice hockey player. I’m getting a little older now, and my body aches at random points of the day for no apparent reason, so just thinking about playing sports sounds painful. That being said, I still have this dream that one day my writing will make me so famous that the Philadelphia Flyers let me take some sort of a “celebrity shift” on the ice during a preseason game. That’s the little boy in me—still chasing my childhood dream.

Do you read reviews of your books? If so, do you pay attention to them, or let them influence your writing?

I do. Granted, I’ve never had a book with a ton of reviews so it’s not like I sit and filter through a bunch of stuff. I just see a review as it pops up and read it. And if some trends repeat themselves throughout reviews, I’ll definitely consider them. Because without happy readers, there’s no such thing as John Feldman being a happy writer.

What well-known writers do you admire most?

I admire any writer who has been able to churn out a ridiculous amount of books—quality books: Stephen King, David Baldacci, JK Rowling, etc. The people who took their chance at being a prolific writer and ran with it, those are the writers I admire.

Do you have any other books/stories in the works?

I have two, actually, and I can’t make up my mind on which I want to move forward with first. They both involve murder, which makes me wonder why I’m always thinking about murder and violence—I’m a pretty happy person.


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About the Author

John Feldman was born and raised in southern New Jersey, but has since moved to Florida at the request (demand) of his beautiful wife. He has written several short stories and novels, including his newest release, OUT OF HIDING. He writes a lot, thinks a lot more, and is currently wondering why he’s writing this in the third person.

For more information, visit, or email him directly at

Twitter: @johnfeldman_
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