Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Why Bloggers & Vloggers Might Need a Lawyer

While I glanced outside to watch the snow fall from the sky yesterday, I kept thinking about the importance of having a good lawyer on a day like this. And, no, I'm not referring to Saul Goodman. (Breaking Bad & BetterCall Saul fans will know what I mean!) Accidents happen all the time, especially when there's bad weather, so having a lawyer that you can rely on can come in handy in case of an emergency.

Of course, we can have other life changing accidents that aren't weather related. And by "we" I'm referring to bloggers and YouTube vloggers. Below I have put together three possible situations where an injury lawyer might can be useful for bloggers and vloggers.

Book/Comic Book Conventions

Traveling across the country to attend either a book or comic book convention can be fun, but at the same time dangerous. If you're traveling by car to a convention in Florida, there's always the possibility of getting into some sort of fender bender. Once you get to the convention, there's even a  chance of falling or tripping, which is never a good thing. Then you would need to do an internet search for a personal injury attorneys Tampa.

Funk Hunting

Many YouTube vloggers are Funko collectors and they like to film themselves hunting for vinyl toys on specific release days. Last year's Force Friday event was extremely crowded with kids and adults shoving their way into stores at midnight just to get their hands on their favorite Star Wars bobble-head. Due to the big crowds, the percentage of getting an injury from an accident or scuffle is high. This is another situation where Tampa injury attorneys can come in handy.

Black Friday

Lastly, bloggers and vloggers are always looking for a good bargains, such as Blu-rays and books to review on their blog or YouTube channel, so there's a good chance that they will be attending a Black Friday sale event. Similar to Force Friday, there's always a chance of getting hurt while shopping. The stores are overcrowded, so the chance of getting shoved, pushed, or accidentally bumped into are high. And once again, this is where having a lawyer can be useful, if you are injured while shopping.

Now, I'm curious if any bloggers and vloggers have ever been injured while traveling, shopping or Funko hunting. Please leave your comments down in the comments section.

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