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Review Catch Up Marathon!: The Cottage by Michael Phillips

Bethany House; 416 pages; $14.99; Amazon

After a week of dealing with a sore throat and the flu, I'm continuing my quest of finishing all my need-to-be read books. The good news is that I have reread all of those books this month, but now I need to write all the reviews for them.

Up first is my review for The Cottage, book two in the Secrets of the Shetlands series, by Michael Phillips. Some of you might recall me reviewing the first book in the series, The Inheritance, a few years ago. You can read my review for it here.

The Cottage centers on Loni Ford, a woman who has inherited some property from a distant ancestor that's located in the Shetland Islands. Her intentions is to sell the property as quickly as possible, but she changes her mind once she laid eyes on "the Cottage." Plus, she finds out that she has inherited the entire island of Whales Reef.

The locals aren't thrilled that an American woman is heir to "the Cottage." They all believe that David Tulloch is rightful heir to the estate. Her decision to stay upsets a local fisherman named Hardy Tulloch (David's cousin), who wants to claim the island for himself, as he has a few oil investors interested in the land.

Final Thoughts

I have Scotland ancestors, which is one of of two reasons why I wanted to read the Secrets of Shetlands series in the first place. The second reason is my grandma used to read Michael Phillips books. Her eyesight has been failing her in recent years, so she doesn't read books very often anymore.

Originally, I had read The Cottage back in 2016, but I never got around to writing the review for it. I ended up reading it along with the third book (The Legacy) in the series this month. At nearly 400 pages with small lettering, it took me a bit longer to reread the book than what I had planned. I wanted to read it on one sitting, but it ended up taking me an entire day. Well, not an entire day, but over the course of a day.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Cottage. It's a well-written (and researched) mystery romance (That's a genre, right?) with wonderful dialogue and incredible descriptions.

*Note - I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

About the Author

Michael Phillips is a bestselling author who has penned more than seventy books, both fiction and non-fiction. Michael and his wife, Judy, spend time each year in Scotland, but make their home near Sacramento, California.

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