Tuesday, 26 December 2017

A Comprehensive Look into Bioethanol Fireplaces

To make a room comfortable, the surrounding temperature should be perfect, even during the evening times, when the temperature normally goes down. To make your room cozy, you need a system to heat up rooms. And that system, in today's world, can be bioethanol fireplaces, especially for your living rooms.

It’s the time of festivities. People are enjoying their winter vacations, and you must be expecting guests over your place. In case you’re looking to substitute your old fireplace with a state-of-the-art piece or haven’t had a fireplace installed in your home previously, consider browsing through a great variety at Ethanol Fireplace Pros.

Bio-Ethanol Fireplace – What Is It?

It is an alternate for conventional wood and gas fireplaces, used to heat different spaces. These fireplaces are marked by a difference of burning ethanol (a green fuel). Bioethanol fireplaces are meant to be flue less heat sources, discharging no gas or ash. The by-product releasing from a bioethanol fireplace includes water, carbon dioxide, and heat. And even the levels of CO2 are significantly low.

Bioethanol fireplaces aren’t just a source of flue less burn. They provide a focal point in terms of aesthetics as well. You can integrate a biofuel fireplace into any living area or workplace as a d├ęcor piece. If you don’t want to fix a piece as it is that you bought off the market, you can also get it custom-designed to show off your uniqueness.

Wall Mounted Bio Ethanol Fireplace and Other Designs

Much the same as it is with traditional and electric fireplaces, an ethanol fireplace can also be fixed in a wall. It becomes doable due to the vessel structure of a fireplace which is used to hold the ethanol fuel. In case of wooden walls, there will be required some insulation often in the form of metal plates to protect the wall against fire.

On the other hand, you can pick a free-standing bioethanol fireplace and set in any space of the sitting area. A free-standing ethanol fireplace becomes a plausible option as it does not release any smoke, thus not needing a ventilation system.

Are There Safety Concerns Regarding the Use of a Bio-Ethanol Fireplace?

Be it a traditional or modern fireplace, safety concerns remain to be an inherent issue that is raised before or during its installation. Every homeowner aims to make sure that their property and families stay safe. In such manner, familiarizing yourself over the matter of safety is a smart approach.

Running a bioethanol fireplace is generally considered safe in living spaces. There are only a few health hazards that may result due to the burning ethanol. In any case, one should bear in mind that burning any fuel absorbs oxygen, and therefore, the space where fireplace is fixed should be appropriately ventilated.

How Does a Bio-Ethanol Fireplace Work?

By this point, we know that a bioethanol fireplace functions by burning ethanol. This fireplace is basically a vessel that hold the ethanol fuel. Lighting the fireplace initiates the process of burning the ethanol contained in the fireplace. After igniting, ethanol burns discharging heat, water, and some carbon dioxide.

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