Monday, October 2, 2017

Review: Kung Fu Zombies: 7 Killer Movies

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Mill Creek Ent., R / Not Rated; 10 hours 34 mins.
Now available from Mill Creek Entertainment is Kung Fu Zombies: 7 Killer Movies, featuring some of the greatest martial artists including Gordon Liu (Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2), Siu-Wong Fan (Ip Man), Billy Chong (A Fistful of Talons), Eddy Ko (TV's Fist of Fury), and Panna Rittikrai (Ong Bak). There are no special features or bonus extras on the 2-disc set.

The 7 movies are:

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead (2004; 94 minutes) - Directed by Douglas Kung, the film stars Gordon Liu as a Shaolin monk, who's trying to teach two young apprentice how to fight against evil zombies.

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead 2 (2007; 100 minutes) - Once again directed by Douglas Kung, Gordon Lui returns in this sequel that pits the monks against DR. Magma, who plans on raising the dead.

Kung Fu Zombie (1981; 78 minutes) - Directed by Hwa I Hung, the film stars Billy Chong as as martial artist who must battle a deadly vampire.

We're Going To Eat You (1980; 90 minutes) - Directed by Tsui Hark, the film centers on a secret agent named Agent 999, who accidentally runs into a village full of cannibals while attempting to track a criminal.

Spirited Killer 2 (92 minutes) - A really weird movie about a dead grandfather, a criminal gang, and zombies!

Spirited Killer 3 (90 minutes) - The film's plot involves a mystical black egg, an evil sorcerer, and a bunch of minions from hell.

Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave (1982; 89 minutes) - Another movie starring Billy Chong. This time he plays Chun Sing, who must stop an evil priest and his army of the dead.

Final Thoughts: I'm not very familiar with Asian horror flicks, so all of these titles on the Kung Fu Zombies DVD set were completely new to me. Let's just say you have to have an acquired taste to enjoy watching these movies. There's bad acting, horrible effects, and choppy directing. However, they're not all bad, as there are some decent, fun action scenes.

The picture quality isn't the best. The first disc has four movies and the second disc as three, which is way to many for two DVDS. Three of the films have an English dubbed option, and the others have only English subtitles.

Overall, I did enjoyed watching most of the movies on Kung Fu Zombies: 7 Killer Movies DVD. However, I don't recommend it to others, unless you can find it at a cheap price, like in the $5 DVD bin at Walmart.

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