Friday, May 12, 2017

Book Blogger Hop: May 12th - 18th

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Welcome to the new Book Blogger Hop!

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  This week's question is submitted by Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books!

If you read a book you ended up hating, would you stay away from future books by that author, or would you give them a second chance?

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My Answer: 

 There's probably a good chance I would avoid all future novels by the author. Years ago, I read one title by Danielle Steel. I didn't care for it and I have never read another book by her. Then again, if there's a lot of buzz about a book, I might give the author another try.

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  1. I might give an author another chance but it'd still probably be awhile before I got around to them!

  2. If it's a writing style I couldn't get into from a new-to-me author, I don't know that I would give that author another read, but you never know. This is a tough question! ;)

  3. I'm the same way when it comes to buzz around a book. If there's buzz around the book and people I typically agree with seem positive about a specific book I'll give the author another try. Awesome question!

  4. I would try again, but it would have to catch my eye sooner rather than later.

    ENJOY the weekend.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  5. I like to give a second chance, but rarely a third.

  6. It's a tough one to answer! I've got mixed feelings on this one but I joined the fun and listed my answer here:

    I'm also following your lovely blog!

  7. I will give an author a second chance if I see their fans have also not liked that particular book.:)

  8. If it's the first one of theirs I read, I'll rarely go back; if I've read another of that author's first, I probably would give them a third try.
    See my full answer..


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