Saturday, 3 December 2016

Post Workout Review: CORE DE FORCE Live Stream Workout

I'm hoping everyone has recovered from the all the Thanksgiving meals last weekend. Sadly, there is only a few more weeks to drop those unwanted pounds you might have received from eating too many slices of pumpkin pie before Christmas Day arrives, where we all will probably indulge in way too many sweets. So there's no better time than the present to get a jump on losing those turkey day pounds by starting a new workout program.

Just moments ago, I finished the CORE DE FORCE Live Stream Workout on Facebook!


Well, it's the newest workout program from Beachbody. It features MMA-inspired workouts that is supposed to get you into shape in 30 days. No equipment is needed. The program is created by trainers Joel Freeman & Jericho McMatthews.

The Live workout was supposed to start 12 PM Central Time according to the Facebook page, but it ending up starting 30 minutes later. I had never done the program before, so I was looking forward to the Live workout, so I patiently waited for it begin.

The workout was around 27-28 minutes counting a short warm up and cool down. The camera was awkwardly pointed to the side view of trainers Joel & Jericho, though I could clearly see there were many participants in the room with them.

While most of the moves were simple, I started out a little slower since I had never done the routine before, though I need speed up as the workout went along. There were a lot of punches/jabs, elbow blocks, kicks, jump squats, and a few lunges; nothing groundbreaking, but at least I had fun. And I was sweating by the time the workout was finished.

If your following the CORE DE FORCE Facebook Page, the Live workout should appear in your news feed sometime today.

The CORE DE FORCE Base Kit is available on for $59.85.

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