Monday, 5 December 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: DIY Popcorn Garland Kit

Make-it-Yourself Popcorn Garland Kit

by Dell Cove Spice Company

Retail: $20

Where to Purchase?

 Product Description:

Make your own Christmas garland at home with our DIY popcorn garland kit. Stringing a popcorn garland is pretty easy and lots of fun, and makes a classic decoration for your Christmas tree or mantle.

Billy's Thoughts: I've been well aware that an old school Christmas tradition is making popcorn garland to decorate the Christmas tree with it. While I've seen it done in movies (Yep, there was popcorn garland in Bad Santa!), I had never made popcorn garland before receiving the Make-It Yourself Popcorn Garland from Dell Cove Spice Company.

Retailing at $20, the kit includes:

1 - 13 oz bag of organic popcorn kernels
1 - wooden candy cane wrapped in 4 yards of twine
1 - needle

According to the label, the popcorn is Non-GMO and Gluten free. It's grown in the Midwest.

You can use either an air popper or a 6 quart pan (with oil and a lid) to pop the mushroom popcorn kernels. In my opinion, it's easier to use an air popper. The popcorn is bigger than the typical kind that you find in the stores, so it's easier to get a needle through it.

Once you get the popcorn popped, it's easy to make the garland. All you have to do is thread the needle and then push the needle through each popcorn. As you go along, just push the popcorn down the string. Once you get the desired length of garland you want, cut the string (or you can do this before you begin making the garland), and tie a knot on both ends so the popcorn won't fall off. Lastly, you can put the garland on the Christmas tree.

Overall, the Make-It Yourself Popcorn Garland Kit is a cute little project that both kids and adults will enjoy putting together.

*I received complimentary kit in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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