Monday, October 31, 2016

Review: Pretty Dead - 10 Horror Films

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Not Rated; 842 mins; $9.98; Mill Creek Ent.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Yeah, you would have to be to be living under a rock not to know that today is Halloween, especially with all the horror marathons on the cable channels. Typically, I always watch a few of these flicks ever year, but I haven't had the time this month as I've been busy watching the Pretty Dead: 10 Horror Flims, the 2-disc DVD that was recently released from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Many of you have probably have heard of Mill Creek Entertainment as the company has released similar horror DVDs in the past. The 10 films on this release were filmed on low-budgets, all of which have already been released separately to DVD or VOD over the last few years.

The films are:

The Sacred (2009, but listed as released in 2011 on the DVD) - The film involves a group of film students traveling to remote area to work on a Native American Folklore thesis. However, they aren't aware that the land is haunted.

Bunnyman - (2010; released in 2011) - Also known as the The Bunnyman Massacre, this low-budget slasher is the first in a series of films about a serial killer who dress in a bunny costume. (No, I'm not joking!)

The Lights - (2009) - A group of friends travel to the middle-of-nowhere to watch a meteor shower.

Backwater (2013) - Don't get confused with the Japanese film of the same name. This is a low-budget tale about a couple on a secluded getaway, where there just happens to be a killer nearby.

Monsters In The Woods (2011) - A group of filmmakers go into the woods to film a low-budget horror flick, but end up being hunted by a creature.

Pelt (2010) - Friends go backpacking in the woods and run into an ancient evil.

Sparrow (2011) - Six teenagers go into an area of the woods where a murder occurred years ago.

The Lake On Clinton Road (2013) - Six friends travel to a lake house on the Jersey shore, but they end up staying at a house on Clinton Road, which happens to be haunted.

Occupied (2011) - The film centers on a young woman, Sarah, traveling to a wooded area to babysit her cousin.

Pretty Dead (2013) - Set in a mental hospital where a woman tries to convince her doctors that she is slowly turning into a zombie.

Final Thoughts: All the titles are basically micro low-budget films starring actors that I've never heard of before; probably never appeared in theaters, but landed on VOD or straight-to-DVD.

Let me start out by stating the films aren't the best in the world, especially with the horrible camera work and bad acting. However, I ended up liking most of them, as a few of the titles were at least somewhat entertaining.

The picture quality on the 2-disc set is average at best. There are no special features or extras.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Pretty Dead: 10 Horror Films.

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