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Review - AQS Wall Calendar 2017

While there is still over four months left of 2016, bookstores are already stocking up on wall calendars for 2017. You can buy just about any type of calendar your heart desires, including quilt calendars.

Quilt calendars typically have one quilt design featured every month, and there are even a few that have foldout patterns to go along with the designs.

Now available to purchase is the AQS Wall Calendar 2017 (Retail $15.95).

What does AQS stand for?

It stands for American Quilter's Society, where they host AQS QuiltWeek® shows around the country every year. The twelve quilts that are featured in the AQS Wall Calendar 2017 were part of the winners circle at the 2016 AQS QuiltWeek® in Paducah, Kentucky.

The Back Cover

The quilts featured in this year's calendar are:
Floral Flashback
by Jan Frazer

Why Not?
by Angela Petrocelli

The Jester's Folly
by Margaret Solomon Gunn

My Brunette Whig
by Gail Stepanek & Jan Hutchison

Language of Flowers
by Kathy McNeil

A Passion for Purple
by Andrea Brokenshire
Ben's Midnight Garden
by Barbara Korengold

by Marilyn Badger

Radiant Roots
by Susan Jackan

Spirit of Sedona
by Mavericks Ladies

Happy Halloween 2
by Aki Sakai

by Marla Yeager

'Twas the Night Before Christmas
by Linda Neal & Jackie Brown
October 2017 - "Happy Halloween 2"

Final Thoughts: Some of you might remember me reviewing the AQSWall Calendar 2015 two years ago. That calendar featured a wide-range of quilts, from traditional to contemporary, and this year's (well technically next year's) calendar has a variety of themed quilts as well.

January's "Why Not?" is an abstract large wall quilt; not exactly my favorite design from the calendar, but it's interesting. February's "The Jester's Folly" is an unique small wall quilt with lots of diamond shapes in it. March's "My Brunette Whig" is a longarm machine quilt with lots of flowers. April's "Language of Flowers" is another floral design, but this one was quilted on a home machine. May's "A Passion for Purple" features a very detailed, huge flower; it was quilted on a home machine. June's "Ben's Midnight Garden" is once again another floral quilt, but it features tiny details that were done by hand.

July's "Arandano" is a colorful abstract quilt that won the Janome America Best of Show. August's "Radiant Roots" is a small wall quilt showcasing vegetables growing in the ground. September's "Spirit of Sedona" is a beautiful group quilt that showoffs the Sedona canyons. October's "Happy Halloween 2" is a remarkable wall quilt with very small details, and it happens to be my favorite from the calendar. November's "Quahadi" is a blend of a traditional and an abstract design, featuring fall colors. December's "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" is a large wall quilt celebrating the love of Christmas.

The last two pages of the calendar lists the AQS QuiltWeek® show dates and locations for 2017. There is also a small "notes & numbers" section and a small 2018 calendar on the last page.

Overall, the AQS Wall Calendar 2017 is a must-have for any quilt-lover or for anyone that is looking for a great calendar for next year.

For more information about the American Quilter's Society, please visit:

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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