Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Review - The Loyal Heart

Zondervan; 320 pages; $15.99; Amazon
Now available to buy in bookstores today  from Zondervan is The Loyal Heart by New York Times Bestselling Author Shelly Shepard Gray, the first book in the new "A Lone Star Hero's Love Story" series.

The novel centers on Robert Truax, the former Second Lieutenant and Confederate officer in the Civil War, who had promised a fellow solider, Phillip Markham, that he would take care of his wife, Miranda, if Phillip was killed in battle.

Now that the Civil War is over, Robert plans on keeping his promise to his friend by traveling to Galveston, Texas. Upon arriving he quickly learns that everyone believes that Phillip is a traitor.

Miranda has been shunned by almost the entire town due to her husband's actions, forcing her to turn her home into a boarding houses, just so she can pay the bills. She's a lost soul who doesn't want to allow her heart to trust anyone again.

While Robert's only goal was to stay long enough to honor his promise to Phillip, his plans quickly changes as starts to have romantic feelings for Miranda.

Final Thoughts: I'm a sucker for romances that has a Civil War setting (though this one is set post-Civil War). Add in the little fact that I'm a big fan of author Shelly Shepard Grey, then you can probably guess that I was excited to read The Loyal Heart.

At first glance, the novel does have a cliched plot about a solider checking on a friend's wife, but there's much more in this story than meets the eye. The author has created rich, likeable characters that gives this story just enough to stand out on its own. The descriptions of how life was like back in 1865 are well-written. Tack on a few extra plot twists that I never saw coming, The Loyal Heart turned out to be a wonderful read from beginning to end.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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