Monday, 18 April 2016

Mobile Electronics as a Learning Tool in Schools


We live in a world that revolves so much around technology and electronic devices. While you walk down the street it is not unlikely that you will see people, young and old, walking around with their cell phone pressed to their ear while in conversation, or you will see them texting their friends, family, or even their boss or others at work. Many employers no longer accept paper applications, it needs to be filled out and sent online.

In this world, children are running around with about as many electronic devices as their parents are, so why not use those devices as a learning tool at school. There are a number of benefits to having a child bring their electronic device from home in order to learn at school.

  • Students already know how to use their own devices and are comfortable using them. This helps save time in the classroom to train students on how to use the devices. They can just begin learning with them.

  • The devices that students use tend to be newer and more advanced, so the schools can have the kids use their own devices in order to stay up to date with technology.

  • When the students are using their devices for learning and doing their work at school, they are more likely to continue using them for learning when they are outside of school as well.

  • Teachers will not have to worry as much about students not remembering to bring their electronic device with them. An electronic device is a prized possession for many children, so if they are able to bring them to school, the will probably not forget, not the way they forget their textbook.

  • Having students use their own electronic devices will save schools a great amount of money. The school would not have to go out and buy a device that could be used by each student and then have to purchase new ones every few years to keep up with current technology. Some schools are pretty tight on funds, so purchasing new technology is not an option for them.

  • When using electronic devices, students will be able to stay organized. They will have all of their notes and homework in the same place, so they will not have to worry about lost homework or notes.

  • Students bringing their devices to school is a good opportunity for teachers to teach the children how to use their devices appropriately and be respectful with them. Using them to search on the internet is a good time to teach them about how to keep themselves and their information safe while on the internet.

  • There are numerous educational apps that can be downloaded and used as a tool to help get the students get excited about learning.

  • Students are able to get instant access to the questions they need answers to. If they are working on a project or a paper and they need to know why the leaves change colors, they can easily search for the answer and have it immediately.

  • Many students like to use their electronic devices for reading ebooks. This is a great way to allow the students to read the book they want to while the teacher is able to get their students more interested in reading.

Technology and electronic devices are a big part of our world today, so what better way to teach children, then by using the devices they love and creating an environment where they can learn seamlessly.

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