Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Review - An Amish Year by Beth Wiseman

$12.99; 400 pages
Right before Christmas, I had signed up to review An Amish Year through BookLook Bloggers. Maybe it was because of the holidays or something, but I didn't receive the book until February.

Written by bestselling author Beth Wiseman, An Amish Year features four novellas - Rooted in Love, A Love for Irma Rose, Patchwork Perfect, and When Christmas Comes Again.

Rooted in Love (originally published as An Amish Garden) centers on Rosemary Lantz, a young unmarried woman who practically runs her family's household. She has no plans on ever falling in love; however, things change when she starts spending more time with her ex-boyfriend Saul Petersheim. Old feelings quickly return, but her secret past might destroy her future.

Set in 1957, A Love for Irma Rose centers on (of course) Irma Rose, a young Amish woman who is being pursued Jonas Miller. Jonas has had his eye for her for years, and when he finally makes his move, he goes way too fast. Irma must decide if Jonas is the right man for her.

Patchwork Perfect centers on a widow, Eli Byler, who recently moved to Paradise Pennsylvania with his to two children to start a new life. Upon arriving, he catches the eye of two women, but his heart is for Miriam Fisher, a woman who is the complete opposite of him.

When Christmas Comes Again (originally published as An Amish Second Christmas) centers on Katherine Zook, who is still grieving the lost of her husband. With Christmas just around the corner, life will be even harder for her as well as for her children. Out of nowhere, a mysterious stranger arrives with a photography of her husband, which might be a sign from the Lord.

Final Thoughts: Beth Wiseman is a great writer, so I eagerly signed up to review An Amish Year as soon as it became available through BookLook Bloggers. All four stories are cleverly written with likable characters and intriguing plots. Two of the stories had been previously published, but this is first time I have read them. Overall, An Amish Year is a well-written romance novella collection and I recommend it to other readers.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy from in exchange for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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