Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Can I Watch HBO In Australia?


HBO has become more popular than ever thanks to the awarding-winning series Game of Thrones, True Detectives and Veep. Now with the long-awaiting Deadwood reunion movie finally moving forward (the script has been green-lit), I'm sure it will bring in even more viewers.

Of course technology has changed since Deadwood ended 10 years ago as you access your favorite shows (True Blood) & movies with a HBO GO subscription on any device (tablet, cell phone, laptop, etc.). Sadly, this service is not available in some areas, such as the UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, etc, as you can only have access if you are living in the fifty states of the United States of America.

The good new is that there are a few ways around this problem!

HBO GO can detect if a user isn't located in the United States by the user's unique IP Address. If you use the Smart DNS Proxy Service, you can bypass any regional restrictions, so you can be able to watch your favorite HBO programming in HD anywhere around the world.

The Smart DNS Proxy Service can be used on most compatible Internet capable devices (Smartphone, Smart TV, Gaming Console, PC, Laptop, Kindle Fire).

By visiting https://www.smartdnsproxy.com/page/how-to-watch-hbo-go-outside-the-united-states-usa.aspx, you can learn how to sign up for a free Smart DNS Proxy Service for a limited time. The company that makes this all possible is called Global Stealth Inc, which has been creating technology solutions since 1995. With their sophisticated Proxy Servers, you can now have access to blocked or restricted content (due to regional issues) from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, BBC, Twitter and many other sites.

Now you can get caught up on your current HBO programming or watch past movies and HBO series, like Deadwood (before the movie airs, if it ever actually gets made).

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