Monday, 9 February 2015

Monday Morning Madness #51: Hector, the Walking Dead, Saul and Pocrastination

It looks like February is going to be a cold one, though the snow is almost completely melted away here. The weekend for me was utterly boring, though I did watch a couple of movies. Despite reading several bad reviews I went head and bought the DVD of Hector and the Search for Happiness starring Simon Pegg. I actually liked the film for the most part. Saturday night I watched Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise on HBO. It was really weird movie; not the greatest in the world, but watchable. Then of course I watched the return of The Walking Dead and the debut of Better Call Saul, which the latter was a lot better than I expected and I'm looking forward to watching episode two tonight.

My shoulder and back has been killing me for the past week, so I took a few days off from exercising. Now, I'm back at it as I restarted the TapouT XT workout program last night and I'm really sore this morning. I'll exercise later tonight in between Castle and the second airing of Better Call Saul. It seems that I have more energy at night anyway and I sleep better right after a workout.

I'm trying my best to get caught up with reviews, but I still have products and a few audiobooks piled up on my desk that I need to get to this week. I need to learn more about procrastination, so I can be more ahead of things. At least I'm planning on finishing this post, then I'm going to write a review for the new Power Rangers DVD, an audio book (hopefully) and I'm going to write a couple of product reviews. Wish me luck!

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