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Review - Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies

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I've been blogging for over five years and I would have never thought I would be reviewing a PC game, but that is exactly what I'm doing today - writing a review for the recently released Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies (retails at $19.99).

Almost everyone has  probably heard of Nancy Drew, the popular young adult mystery series was originally created by Edward Stratemeyer, but most of the books were ghostwritten. Many spin-offs soon followed, including The Nancy Drew Files, Nancy Drew Notebooks, Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, Nancy Drew On Campus, Nancy Drew Diaries and Nancy Drew, Girl Detective. Though many of us probably remember the character from the ABC short-lived series The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and the 2007 feature film with Emma Roberts playing Nancy Drew.

Starting in 1998, Her Interactive began the Nancy Drew: A Mystery Adventure PC game series. Fast forward to 2014, the series has just released its 31st case, titled Nancy Drew: Labyrinith of Lies. Similar to other games in the series, this installment is rated E10+!

Of the course the plot of the game centers on the one and the only Nancy Drew (voiced by Lani Minella), who has been hired by the curator, Melina Rosi, of the Phidias Cultural Center in Greece to help out during the museum's most anticipated event of the year - Persephone in Winter, a play about the myth of Persephone. The play will take place in the amphitheater in the attempt to bring in a new visitors for the Life in Ancient Greece exhibit.

Suddenly, artifacts from the exhibit mysteriously disappear and with Melina Rosi (voiced by Billie Wildrick) currently away from the museum, it is up to Nancy Drew to hunt to down the thief before opening night. Everyone who is involved in the play is now a suspect, including the play's actors - Xenia Doukas (voiced by (Julia Stockton), Niobe Papadaki (voiced by Katherine Grant-Suttie), Thanos Ganas (voiced Beau Prichard) and Grigor Karakinos (voiced by Jeff Pierce). With time running out, Nancy must rely on her old buddies Frank and Joe Hardy to unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the museum.

While I have seen the Nancy Drew PC games at my local Walmart store, this is first time I have played one of the games. Labyrinth of Lies is a first-person game, so you are seeing through the eyes of Nancy Drew as she investigates the strange occurrences at the museum. This is not the 1930's Nancy Drew as the character has been updated with new technology, including the cell phone she uses to call the Hardy Boys. The graphics throughout this tale are topnotch, especially those used for actual labyrinth. There are several puzzles to solve throughout the game; mostly they were easy to finish, but they were also fun to play. This is a Greek adventure, so you're going to get a brief education on Greek characters and mythology. The supporting characters were intriguing, but at the same time annoying; just a little too much dialogue to sit through, though you can skip through the dialogue. The game length is between 8 to 9 hours depending if you skip through the dialogue. Overall, Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies is an entertaining mystery game from the beginning until the final clue.

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