Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Review: Zombies VS Robots: No Man's Land

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It seems the zombie mayhem is never going to die down, especially with the fifth season of The Walking Dead just around the corner, its spinoff coming sometime in 2015 and of course there is the sixth and final Resident Evil film scheduled to be released in the next couple of years. The Walking Dead is based off of the comic series of the same name; actually there are many zombie theme comics and graphic novels on the market today, including Zombies VS. Robots. The popular comic book series has spun-off into its own anthology series, featuring short stores by talented authors. The fifth installment was released by IDW this past spring.

No Man's Land has the typical zombie plot set in a post-apocalyptic world, but with an added twist - robots have been built to protect the remaining humans from the hoard of flesh-eating zombies. Similar to the Terminator films, some of the robots have reprogrammed themselves and others have been reprogrammed by humans, all of which has caused an apocalyptic hellscape on Earth.

The majority of the stories are about a small band of humans struggling to live in this zombie/robot world. The humans must put aside their differences if they are going to survive living in the No Man's Land.

When I first signed up to review the title through NetGalley, I thought it was an actual comic book, but to my surprise it was an anthology. Each tale is well-written with character-driven plots, as well as twists and turns around every corner. Overall, Zombies VS Robots: No Man's Land is a must read for all zombie fans.

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