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American Quilter's Society 2015 Wall Calendar Review

American Quilter's Society 2015 Wall Calendar
by AQS Editors
Publisher: American Quilter's Society
Pub. Date: June 25, 2014
Retail: $12.95
ISBN: 978-1604601589
Pages: 26

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You know that 2014 is going by fast when 2015 calenders are coming out in stores. While you can easily wait until the end of the year to grab a free calender at a bank, many of us like unique calenders, like of our favorite television series, favorite sports team or favorite hobby. Whatever your likes are, there are plenty of calenders to choose from.

Back Cover, Showcasing Each Quilt!
I have many quilters in my family, including my mother, though I don't quilt myself (but I do know how to cross stitch), I have a fondness for the hobby. Since I grew up with quilters, I was dragged to quilt shops and hobby stores during my childhood, so I'm educated well about quilting. That being said, I took and interest in reviewing a quilting themed calendar. There are many quilting calendars on the market from different publishers. After reading good things about last year's wall calender from the American Quilter's Society, I nicely requested to review the 2015 calender and they generously sent me a complementary calender to review.

The calender features thirteen beautiful quilts that were selected from the winners of the 2014 AQA QuiltWeek at Paducah, Kentucky.

The quilt titles and creators are:

Bradford Fantasy #1
by Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry

by Ted Storm

Blue Moon
by Claudia Clark Myers & Marylin Badger

Two of Us
by Sue Nickels & Pat Holly

Dream Houses
by Karen Turnbull

by Sylvia Gegaregian

 Learn & Grow
by Sugar Cube Quilters

by Sherry Rogers Harrison

Roses for Katrina
by Gail H. Smith & Pat Barry

Dans les Bains de Maroc
by Robin Gausebeck

Kaleidoscopic Calamity
by Margaret Solomon Gunn

Feathers & Firearms
by Joanne Baeth

My Favorite Thing
by Pam Moller

From traditional to contemporary, the wall calender covers about any kind quilt theme imaginable. Each quilt is stylish with bright colors and dazzling designs, which I can see why these quilt makers won awards for their designs. My two favorites is September's Dans les Bains de Maroc (coincidentally my birthday is in September) and November's Feathers & Firearms, as I live in the mid-west, so anything with barns and tractors gets my vote. Overall, American Quilter's Society 2015 Wall Calendar is a wonderful calender with vibrating quilts that quilt lovers will love to display in their home.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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