Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Morning Madness #44: I Wish Someone Else Would Clean My House

You have probably been wondering where my Monday Morning Madness posts have been for the past few weeks. The truth is that I had to shove those posts aside, so I can work on some freelance writing assignments for the past two weeks. I needed the extra cash and signed up for the projects, which almost turned out to be a bigger project than I could handle. After limiting myself to only a few hours a sleep at night, I would drag myself out of bed around 3:30 AM, brew some coffee and begin typing vigorously for four to five hours. Freelance writing is only a side-job, a way to make a few extra dollars, so I have other demanding things to do during the day. If I didn't finish my writings in the morning, then I would finish it later during the day before my daily 7 PM deadline. Due to the project's workload was increased for the second week, I had to work on tomorrow's projects the night before, which limited my time to work on reviews for this blog. 

All the writing projects were completed early Saturday morning, meaning I had time to relax, well that is I had time to relax from writing. After two weeks on concentrating all my time on writing (which was approx. 32,000 words in 14 days), my place was a complete wreck. Laundry was piled high, the cats' kitty litter boxes need to be changed, the kitchen needed to clean, everything needed to be dusted, my desk area was way too cluttered and my bedroom was almost unlivable. Plus, the yard needed to mowed. 

After mowing the yard in the humid weather early in the morning, taking a quick shower and running a few errands, there was something that I wished for - a maid! Though, I couldn't afford a maid to clean my place at this point in time, there is nothing wrong with dreaming! 

There are plenty of cleaning companies, like Homejoy, that a person can hire to clean their house at an affordable rate. Homejoy was founded in 2012 by a brother & sister, Adora and Aaron Cheung, whom were looking for an affordable cleaning company to clean their home and since there wasn't one, they created their own company. Homejoy is now available over 30 different cities across the United States and Canada. What makes this company unique from others is that you can book an appointment that is convenient for you. You can have your house, apartment or dorm room cleaned once a year, once a month or once a week, or whenever you choose to have it cleaned. All you would have to do is provide your payment method and book whatever day you want your place to be cleaned. If you have a busy life, then this would be a great way to schedule your place to be cleaned in advanced, which would be perfect around the holidays.

Right now, I'm saving money for Christmas presents and putting some money back so I can take a few online courses hopefully in the fall. So for the immediate future, I can only afford to clean my own place.

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