Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Using Technology to Market Your Business

The world of advertising and marketing is changing at a rapid rate. You have to grow and adapt to the change in order to stay competitive. It doesn't matter if you are already tuned in to the new ways of gaining new customers or if you are completely out of the loop when it comes to the simple ways in which marketing has changed over the past decade, you can learn more about the new ways to market and gain new customers, as well as up the interactions that you have with existing customers. This article will talk about utilizing social media, digitizing punch cards, and the technology of a lead capture app.

Social Media

The new 'word-of-mouth', social media, is imperative to the growth of a company. No longer do businesses have to rely on neighbors recommending  the company or hoping that the water cooler talk drives new customers to a particular business. Using social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, and more can do all of the word-of-mouth work for you, and in an exponential way. There are companies who specialize in getting you more 'likes' on Facebook, more 'retweets' on Twitter, more 'check-ins' on Foursquare, and so much more. If your company has not entered the world of social media, now is the time to do so.

Punch Cards

You know those loyalty punch cards? Yes, the ones that say if you buy nine sandwiches, you get the next one free. Customers love those loyalty cards, but hate the fact that they have to carry them around, risk the chance of losing it, and remember to have it punched every time they make a purchase. The new technology world has simplified the process. You can convert your loyalty cards to digitized punch cards. You can reward those already loyal to your customer and do something that the paper cards can't do, which is drive new customers to your business.

Capturing Leads

The final way in which technology can help you in marketing and building business is with a lead capture app. By utilizing your iPad, you can create a kiosk for your customers to register their information, anything from a simple phone number to a larger, more detailed survey. You will have 'captured' new leads for your company, giving you the opportunity to send tailored offers and specials to potential and new customers.

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