Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday Morning Madness #41: My Recent "Great Finds"

How was everybody's weekend? My weekend was decent, though the weather was a little wacky. A few days of ago it was in the 70s and then there was snow on the ground yesterday morning. I wish Mother Nature would just make up her mind whether winter is over or spring is beginning.

Over the weekend, I finally watched all eight episodes of HBO's True Detectives on On Demand. I enjoyed the limited-series and maybe I'll watch the second season next year; depending on who is starring in it.

Some of my blog readers may remember my old weekly "Great Finds" post which I would list (or more like brag) the books I bought at a thrift store. I have cut back on buying books from thrift stores, mostly because I have way too many books, but occasionally I'll pick up an interesting title, which I don't normally mention on my blog. However, I did pick up a few titles over the weekend that I wanted to share with everyone.

Garfield Goes Underground
Created by Jim Davis
Illustrated by Mike Fentz and Dave Kuhn

My Thoughts: Yes, this is a picture book, but I'm a big Garfield fan. The book was published in 1983.

Agent Cowboy (Colby Agency)
by Debra Webb

My Thoughts: I have to admit that I do read a few Harlequin titles. My favorite author from this genre is Debra Webb, so I was excited to find another book in the Colby Agency.

Horror At The Haunted House
by Peg Kehret

My Thoughts: I picked up this book as it reminded of the Point Horror novels from the 80s and 90s. 

Terror At The Zoo
by Peg Kehret

My Thoughts: Yes, this is the same author of Horror At The Haunted House. I would have bought the book from the cover alone.

Francine Pascal's Sweet Valley High #89: Elizabeth Betrayed
by Kate William

My Thoughts: Yes, I'm probably one of the rare straight males who grew up reading Sweet Valley High. This happens to be one title I didn't already own.

Beach House
by R.L. Stine

My Thoughts: R.L. Stine is my favorite author. I couldn't remember if I own a copy of the book, so I bought it, but it turns out I do already own a copy. I guess this one will be my backup.

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