Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Morning Madness #40: Strep Throat, Oscars and Shaving

I thought I would go ahead and get this post written while I'm currently awake. I have strep throat and have spent most of today sleeping, but since I'm currently awake and feeling halfway decent, I thought I would write this post while I'm watching/listening to Comic Book Men. As long as I continue to feel better, I will try to get my workout in before midnight. I know I shouldn't be exercising when I'm sick, but I'm going to anyway.

While catching the first few minutes of Talking Dead, I finally realized the Oscars were on tonight. I don't even know who were nominate. To me, all the actors and actresses look a little too perfect, like they all received a Botox in South Jersey or liposuction in Philadelphia. If there was an actual good movie nominated, maybe I would watch the Oscars.

After my workout tonight, I'm going to brew some coffee, as I'm going to need an extra boost to finish some reviews that need to be posted tomorrow. Plus, while I'm writing I'll be watching/listening to The Venture Bros. Season Five, as I need to review it.

Mostly, I've been receiving books and DVD/Blu-ray to review, but I have been getting a few other products like the RumbleRoller and four different flavors of coffee beans. I should be getting a fogless shower mirror to review soon, which is something I've been wanting for awhile. Normally, I only shave once or twice a week because no matter what kind of razor I use, I breakout with bumps on my neck. I've read that shaving in the shower will get rid of the bumps, but its hard to to do without a fogless mirror, so I'm hoping the mirror will help out with the problem. Now, if I could do something about being nearly bald. Maybe I should look into getting a Hair Transplant Philadelphia, but it is probably just cheaper if I keep buzzing off my what is left of my hair.

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