Monday, 24 February 2014

Getting In Shape The Right Way With BSN Products

Hopefully, everybody who had weight loss or getting into shape as their New Year's Resolution hasn't given up yet and is still working out several times a week, if not daily like I am. Actually, I'm ready to start Block 3 of P90X3 tomorrow. No matter what exercising routine (walking, jogging, etc.) or workout program you are currently doing, you need to make sure you get the proper nutrients, as your muscles are going be sore after any type of workout.

Protein is important for yours muscles to recover after an exercise. It is a scientific fact that muscle burns fat. So the faster your muscles recovers, the faster it can burn fat. Of course this doesn't occur over the night, but with a great workout routine and a healthy diet, protein and other supplements can help in achieving faster results.

There are many different brands of protein powders on the market, but I heard good things about BSN products, so I contacted the company and they nicely sent me a few complementary samples to review. The samples sent to me are: Syntha-6 - an ultra premium muscle protein powder (2.91 lb), N.O.-Xplode - advanced strength (2.48 lb), Amino-X - endurance & recovery agent (15.3oz) and a shaker.

The Syntha-6 flavor sent to me was Peanut Butter Cookie, which contains 200 calories with 50 of those being fat (6g), cholesterol 75mg, sodium 165mg, potassium 260mg, total carbohydrate 15g, dietary fiber 5g, sugars 2g and 22g of protein per serving. There are 28 total servings in a container, though you can expand a few days to get a whole month's worth.

The N.O.-Xplode flavor sent to was fruit punch with 40 calories, total carbohydrate 10g, sugars 0g, vitamin B6 20mg, folate 300mcg, Vitamin B12 120mcg, calcium 65mg, phosphorus 175mg, magnesium 55mg, sodium 350mg and potassium 85mg per serving. There is also an additional 19.6g consisting of a proprietary blend of Advanced Strength & Performance Matrix, Ener-Tropic Xplosion, N.O. Meta-Fusion, Phospho-Electrolyte Composite and Polymer Complex. There are 50 total servings per container.

The Amino-X flavor sent me was also fruit punch with the total carbohydrate 1g, vitamin D 500IU, sodium 160mg, Amino Acid Interfusion 10g and Efforsorb EnDura Composite 2g. There are a total of 30 servings in the container.

I have reviewed other protein powders before, but this is first time I have received full containers, instead of a one-serving sample. N.O.-Xplode needs to blended with water in the shaker and is meant to be taken at least thirty-minutes before a workout to give you that extra boost of energy. It is more powerful than several cups of coffee. I do not recommend taking it late at night, as you will not sleep! Trust me, as I made the mistake by doing this. It tastes great and it really does give you that powerful boost you need before a workout.

Synthia-6 Peanut Butter Cookie protein powder can be used as a recovery drink or taken anytime during the day when you need some extra protein. It can be blended with water or your favorite beverage. I blended it with almond milk and ice in a blender. It taste great, just like a homemade peanut butter cookie!

Amino-X is meant to be taken after a workout to help your muscles recovery faster. Just like N.O.-Xplode, you only need to blend it with water. It tastes great as well. Plus, it is sugar-free!

Overall, I'm more than impressed by the Synthia-6, N.O.-Xplode and the Amnio-X products I received from BSN. The drink mixes taste wonderful and I have been able to see an improvement in my workouts since taking them. I highly recommend them to others.

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*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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