Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Tennis Shirts Are Not Just Worn on the Golf Course

If you have your own company and want your employees to look professional and uniform, then you might want to purchase some men’s embroidered shirts for all of your employees. This type of polo shirt, with your company’s logo printed on it, can make your office and workers look professional. If anyone wears the office shirt outside of the office, they are now a walking advertisement for your business.

Polo shirts with logos in the corner are very popular on the golf course. Most golf courses require their players to have a collared shirt on if they plan on playing a round of golf. Golfers prefer the feel and flexibility of tee-shirt material over a collared dress shirt. The polo shirt has become very popular in the golf circuit. The majority of the players in the professional golf circuit are wearing embroidered polo shirts when they compete. Along with everything else they are wearing, these shirts are embroidered with a sponsoring company logo for everyone to see.

These shirts are a walking advertisement for different golf endorsers. Companies are taking advantage of the growing popularity of the casual feeling of polo shirts that still look professional. You do not just see golfers wearing these shirts on the golf course and polo jockeys wearing them on the polo field. These shirts are now found everywhere and men, women, and children are wearing them.

The polo shirt has almost become a status symbol, and a symbol of wealth and fame. In the 50s, the greased back duck butt hair style and up-turned shirt collar was a symbol of being cool and in the 21st Century, the up-turned collar of a polo shirt with sunglasses and a pair of deck shoes is a symbol of being stylish and popular among the teenagers.

Do you think that in 1927 Rene Lacoste, the seven-time Grand Slam tennis champion and the creator of the tennis shirt with the crocodile emblem, knew that men’s embroidered shirts would become so popular and such a fashion statement? He invented the shirt because of its comfort and ended up creating a famous logo and style that eventually became a clothing line.

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