Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Blogging Can Be Stressful Around the Holidays

Let’s face the facts; a writer/blogger's life can be extremely stressful during the holiday season. The gift shopping, grocery shopping, decorating and planning can take a toll on anyone, let alone a writer or blogger who have deadlines. Most writers/bloggers also a have a daytime job, so thanks to many cups of coffee, we spend our time writing at night, which is typically when I do most of my writing, though writing late at night or in the early morning hours can lead to unwanted typos.  I use Grammarly for proofreading because the sleeping fairy has been complaining about my coffee intake at night. Plus, it saves me time by not having to go over an article or review minutes before it has to be posted.

For me, the holidays started early in the fall when I was planning the 31 Days of Halloween and the Holiday Gift Guide events. My plan was to have everything written/posted and scheduled ahead of time, that way stress wouldn't be that big of a deal, but I've been basically getting things ready the day before, plus a few guest spots are a no show, forcing me to come up with last minute posts. The Holiday Gift Guide is coming together a little bit better, though I haven't written the reviews/posts yet, but I plan on having them written way before Nov. 29th. 

Holiday meals and Christmas shopping (I already have a little bit done.) starts on Thanksgiving, and yes I'll probably attend the Black Friday sales (or should it be called the Thanksgiving Night Sales), so I can get a few bargains.

Every writer wants to spend time with their families on Christmas, so we don't want to be stuck writing during the latter half of December. Thankfully, I have three co-bloggers starting next month, plus the Litfuse Publicity Group will probably have pre-written posts for the week leading up to Christmas.

Despite being swamped with books/products to be reviewed and reviews that need to be written, I’m trying my best to be stress-free for the rest of the year. Next year, I'm planning on taking a few online courses (probably writing courses), so I need to find a way to manage my stress, besides from drinking coffee.

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