Saturday, 19 October 2013

Care Bears Are Returning to DVD!

Do you remember those cuddly caring bear from the 1980's? Well, I have some good news. Mill Creek Entertainment has released the original 1980's cartoon onto DVDs this month with three titles: Care Bears: Beary Special Edition, Care Bears: Wonderland Wishes and Care Bears: Cuddles in Care-A-Lot, featuring six exciting adventures on each DVD.

Care Bears: Beary Special Buddies contains the first three 22-minute episodes of the 1985 series, which has two adorable adventures in each episode.

The episodes are:

  • Camp - A camp counselor tells the children a scary story involving a phantom.
  • The Birthday - Matt and Eddie learn they are soon to be big brothers to a baby girl and they decide to wreck their home that is until the Care Bear arrives.
  • Braces - The Care Bears try to help a young boy feel better about wearing braces
  • Split Decision - A boy wearing eyeglasses is teased by bullies and the Care Bears come to his rescue.
  • The Lucky Charm - Proud Heart Cat and the other Care Bears join forces to help a young girl who is late for school.
  • Soap Box Derby - The Care Bears help two girls build a soap box derby car.

Six Adventures are found in three cute episodes in Care Bears: Wonderland Wishes

  • The Last Laugh - To cheer up Cheer Bear, the Care Bears and Cousins put together a comedy show.
  • The Show Must Go On - Patty Johnson doesn't won't to perform in the ballerina, because her father is not sitting in his seat. It is up to the Care Bears and Cousins to make sure her father gets to the show on time.
  • The Forest of Misfortune - The Care Bears & Cousins are enjoying their day in the Forest of Feelings, until Professor Coldheart and Frostbite try to freeze the Forest of Feelings.
  • The Magic Mirror - Professor Coldheart creates a magic mirror that switches the Care Bears' powers.
  • Daydreams - The Care Bear Cousins visit a young girl who likes to daydream.
  • Runaway - The Care Bears try to stop Cara from running away from home.
Three more episodes featuring six warm and fuzzy adventures are on Care Bears: Cuddles in Care-A-Lot.
  • Mayor for a Day - For one day only, children will get to run the town, but there must first be a mayor chosen to be in charge. Frostbite helps Professor Coldheart to become mayor and it is up to the Care Bears to stop them.
  • The Night the Stars Went Out - When Wish Bear makes a wish on a falling star, the stars suddenly vanish.
  • The Magic Shop - After Wendy meets Professor Coldheart in a shop, the Care Bears must help her understand the meaning of sharing.
  • Concrete Rain - Professor Coldheart drops cold cement onto the world.
  • Dry Spells - After Share Bear tries to help two kids, they get stuck in a cavern and it is up to the other Care Bears to help them.
  • Drab City - The Care Bears and Cousins try to help a colorless city.
It’s hard to imagine that a greeting card could turn into a popular cartoon series, movies and a toy line, but that is exactly what happened to the Care Bears in the 1980s. The franchise is still alive today with a new computer animated series, but nothing can beat the original, though the good moral stories are a bit cheesy. I remember the Care Bear movies, but I didn't remember the actually series until I reviewed these DVDs this week. Each DVD runs at 1hr 6mins at a retail price of $9.98. The cartoon is meant to help kids have moral values and care about other people, but there are times the episodes feel a little force upon the viewer. That being said, I still enjoy watching the Care Bears DVDs, as they take back to my childhood.

*Disclaimer - I received a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

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