Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Throw a Pirates vs Zombies Party

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Pirates and Zombies are two of the most recognized and entertaining characters, with many film characters to emulate and fun costumes to create. And having them battle each other in a party setting is a fun way to celebrate Halloween, whatever your age.

Consider hosting a pirates versus zombies party this Halloween! Everyone should be able to easily create one of these looks without too much fuss: all you need is standard Halloween costume makeup, a few easy props such a plastic swords, pirate hats for pirates and ripped clothes, white costume paint and fake blood for zombies.  Here are some tips for hosting a pirates v’s zombies party at your place this Halloween.

Create invitations that look like pirate flags covered with a splattering of blood, or a pirate and a zombie facing off, wild west style. Add the time, date, location and any instructions for guests - what to wear and what to bring.

Pick a Costume

Your guests can either choose which character to arrive as beforehand, or keep their costume choice private until they arrive. Then your friends and family will have an entertaining rivalry. Families or groups of friends could theme their pirate costumes, or dress as a combination of both. The great thing about Zombie costumes is that everyone interpret them slightly differently, blood, cuts and makeup effects will all be slightly different and you will get an impressive range of zombie wounds. Your guest will hardly need encouragement to take each other on. Pirates will fight to the death over almost anything (candy, silly games or party cups) and zombies can be hilarious and mono-syllabic. BRAINS!!

Pirate Theme

Decorate rooms in your house in each theme, or if the party is in one large open space, decorate each end of the room in contrasting theme. Try making a pirate ship stage out of wood, painted polystyrene or perhaps a painted backdrop with pirate treasure scattered around. (It should be easy to find lots of fake gold nuggets or coins around the Halloween season at your local costume store). There are endless underwater themed props and decorations to go with it. Think sharks, leviathans, mermaids and giant squid.

Zombie Theme

For a zombie-themed room or area, consider making a make-shift graveyard theme or open tombs, either as painted backdrops, or with large black plastic throws over couches, and bandages, blood and gruesome fake body parts emerging from behind furniture.  Party snacks should be brain-themed—try marshmallows dipped in strawberry sauce, or scoops of watermelon. Dry or water soaked spaghetti makes a great creepy brain-like texture as a decoration on the snack table. Try your local Halloween costume store for plenty of zombie makeup and props to inspire your decorations. My favorite place is definitely www.spirithalloween.com - a huge selection with great prices.

Throughout the night, your unruly zombies will no doubt be looking for pirate brains. It is quite possible that by witching hour your house will be full of pirate zombies.


Create some pirate- and zombie-themed food. Make jolly roger cupcakes by molding fondant icing into bones and skulls. create oozing cakes by filling sponges with strawberry syrup. and have some bloody fingers and some zombie brains - sausage rolls and meatballs dipped in tomato ketchup.

Have a great themed party and happy Halloween!

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  1. I've never considered a pirate vs zombie party. That could definitely get interesting!


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