Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday Morning Madness #20: Outside Of My Comfort Zone

I skipped last week's post due to I just didn't have time to write it. I've been a little depressed for the past month or so, causing me to break my diet and eat any junk food in sight. I haven't been exercising as much either. Cross your fingers for me to actually get a workout routine started today. My life took a chaotic turn when my father had a stroke back in early April, who has now recovered almost fully and is back to work.

When any type of life or death situations occur to your family, friends, or to yourself, you start to look over your life. Which was exactly what I did and it has caused me to become an emotional mess for the past month. Let's face the facts: I'm in my early 30s, single, no children, out of shape, and my job direction is going nowhere. Not to mention my anxiety issues still popup from time to time.

I've decided I need to make some changes, hopefully by working out today and making a daily habit of it. My dream goal is to published novels and make a decent living from it, but it is never going to happened until I vaporize this writer's block (or laziness) and actually sit down and type!

I have been editing a group project written by myself and four other writers! I love writing short fiction for children/teens, but I've been wanting to switch genres, maybe to romance. I have dozens of Harlequin type books I have bought at a thrift store just sitting around and collecting dust. The only way to write a different genre is to read it! I read many inspirational romances, but not very many Harlequins, though I have read a few Debra Webb titles.

Basically it means I'm going to give myself a Harlequin crash course over the next few weeks. Does this mean I'll successfully and quickly write a bestseller? Well, no, of course I won't. I just want to break down that wall and be able to freely write without anything holding me back.


  1. Well you have written this post, and a fine one it is, so there you go you have started. Good to know your Dad is okay now, but you are right situations like that do cause us to pause and rethink our lives. Just reading a book called One Mountain Away that is very much in that looking back at the path of your life theme.

    Why do you want to switch genres for writing? Are you passionate about writing romance? What really gets you excited and rearing to go?

    Hope you get your energy up and running. Small steps I always think when I get down.

  2. @Kathryn T
    I still love to write creepy "Goosebumps" style children stories, but I'm creatively bored. I picked up a cheap romance novel awhile back and after reading one chapter I know I can write something better than it.


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