Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday Morning Madness #19: A Start At A Late Spring Cleaning

No, I didn't forget about the past two Monday posts. I thought I would just take a few weeks off since two weeks ago was Memorial Day and last week I was just too busy to get a post written. Plus, I was completely worn out from pulling up an old carpet in the basement that had took a turn for the worse after some rain water flooded the garage and basement last month. I guess I'm finally starting my spring cleaning as I filled six boxes and two paper bags full of books that I plan on donating, but first I need to remove them from my Shelfari shelf and that will take a few days to complete.

I'm sick and tired of all the thunderstorms. It rained liked every other day for the past few weeks, in which it caused the electric to flip on & off for a few days, the cable & internet has started to act wacky, and the telephone line doesn't want to connect. Thank God for cell phones!

There are not very many options for internet service around my area. I guess I should be thankful that it works most of the time. Has anyone tried dial-up internet?

I did a search on different internet companies, which are mostly owned by other countries. I did find, which is an American owned and operated company! It offers unlimited internet access. is a all American owned and operated company. They take pride in offering services at an affordable rate for their loyal customers. They offer dial-up & dsl internet services in both the United States and Canada. Their services start at $9.95/mo. for unlimited standard dial-up internet access and $14.95/mo. for premium dial-up services. Broadband, satellite, and DSL start at $19.95/mo.

What internet providers do other bloggers use?


  1. I recently gave away alot of books. I felt bittersweet as I remembered how I felt when I read them but I knew they had to go to make room for more.

    I use wi-fi in my house with a router.

    Katelynn Clark

  2. @Katelynn Clark

    Most of the books I'm boxing up were given to me by a long distant relative and are not my style of reading. There are a few that I have read, but I'm just not interested in reading again. Then, there are a handful of books I've decided to keep.


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