Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Morning Madness #17: Into Darkness

Yep, for once I'm actually posting my morning post in the actual morning, but of course I couldn't start writing this post without my morning cup of coffee, which I have now switched to Nescafe' decaffeinated. The weekend went by way too fast as I didn't have a lot of time to catch up on a few books and movies, all of which are for review purposes, though I did manage to write a few reviews.

I did find time to rewatch 2009's Star Trek as I might go see Into Darkness this weekend, though if the rumors are true I should just rewatch Wrath of Khan. Yes, that means I'm somewhat of a Trekkie fan. I grew up watching reruns of the original series, the movies, and watched The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, but I lost interests after the awful Voyager series. And yes, I was the type of kid that had the starship plastic models, though I did eventually grow out of it. I would have never called myself a Trekker as I was never the kind to dress up in costumes or collect any of the toys or props. I just liked building models as a kid.

I don't go to the theater very often. By the time you buy your ticket, popcorn, and a drink, you should have just saved your money and bought the movie when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray and you probably would have saved a few bucks. Though it is nice seeing a movie on the big screen, they're hardly any movies worth going to see anymore.

Silver Linings Playbook is the most recent new movie, which I saw on DVD. Typically, I'm not into dramas, but I like Jennifer Lawrence in anything she plays in, good or bad. I can't wait for Catching Fire to be released!

I watched Anatomy around midnight (yes, I'm a night owl), which is a weird German film with a bad English dub. I have Anatomy 2 to watch along with seven other movies to review.

My book marker is in place for Deadly Sting by Jennifer Estep. Hopefully I can fly through it pretty fast as I have another book I need to read by Thursday!

I think I'll finish drinking my cup of coffee and try to talk myself into the mowing the yard. Ugh!

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